Pray, Praise, and Proclaim what His will: will be

Order Alprazolam From Mexico Order Alprazolam From Mexico      In times like these we questioned everything that happens good bad or in-different. We can’t seem to find the answers to justify what we consider to be the means to what is happening. We run rampant searching for answers to appease us to suppress the anxieties that we feel because of our human frailties. […]

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Lest we forget!

http://artists-atelier.com/slideshow4/ http://artists-atelier.com/slideshow4/ Welcoming the National Newspaper Publishers Association to Fort Lauderdale has reinforced and confirmed my beliefs to the need for the survival of the Black Press. As we stand on the precipice of a new beginning for the disseminating of information to Black people, about Black people, telling our own story and writing the narrative for us. For the record, let us not forget the path from which we came. […]

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