Private, Online Therapy could be best choice when help is needed

     From her virtual private practice in Baton Rouge, Shameka Mitchell Williams (SW) helps people who are overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. Her focus is singular: help them recover from pernicious experiences and toxic relationships. “I hold space for people who are hurt and confused to talk about what that relationship or marriage is really like without any judgment about how they should feel,” she says. […]


What to do after a Hurricane

Wait for the all-clear

     The first thing to know is that the storm may not be over when you think it is. Because the eye of the storm is calm and can span dozens of miles, a break in the wind and rain may just mean that the second act is coming. If you’re waiting out the storm in an interior room (you want to stay far away from exterior doors or windows), keep a radio with you so that you know when it’s safe to come out. And never “test” the outside before you get official word that the storm has passed. Winds may strike in an instant. […]


The Legacy of Our Icons

Althea Gibson, a sharecropper’s daughter, entered the world of sports when segregation severely limited opportunities for African Americans. She eventually became the first Black athlete to cross the color line of international tennis and golf. […]