‘Election protection’ was a part of his, “I Have a Dream” initiative

The civil rights struggle wasn’t only concerned with racial equality. It was about increasing American democracy, reestablishing Black voting rights, thus open handedly giving new meaning to American democracy and shutting down segregation. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a prophet, played a vital role in all of the aforementioned areas and transitioned to glory before their completion. […]


Senator Doug Jones Emphasizes the Importance of the 2020 Black Voter Turnout in Exclusive Fireside Chat with NNPA President Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis

“The right to vote was hard fought for African Americans in this country, and I think too many people take for granted. I think we proved that in the special election in 2017, that every vote count,” said Jones.Jones said voting rights had been under attack since the 2013 Shelby V. Holder decision, which eliminated a lot of voter protections. “It’s not the same as the old Jim Crow laws, but there’s still efforts out there to suppress votes and keep people from having that free access to the booths,” he stated.Jones noted that he’s working to restore “teeth” in the Voting Rights Act, but doubts that the current GOP-led Senate and President Trump’s administration would approve. “I don’t see it happening, so it’s all the more important to get out and vote in the 2020 elections,” Jones stated. […]


Remember Atatiana Jefferson

     “Nobody looked at this video and said there’s any doubt that this officer acted inappropriately,” Forth Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus noted. “I was going to fire [Dean] even before he quit. We had already taken his badge and weapon. There were violations in his use of force, and he didn’t follow de-escalation protocols. His conduct was unprofessional. There are times for officers to act as warriors and defenders, and there are times for them to act as public servants and humble servants.” […]

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Library “Cultural Conversations” Series and Workshop Discusses HIV/AIDS

     For the Cultural Conversations at the Center, Singletary will speak on “Love and Positivity,” telling his personal story of living, winning and thriving with HIV. His motivational talk will be followed by an audience question and answer segment where questions can be submitted anonymously at the event. Singletary brings a message of hope and faith to those dealing with HIV, reassuring them of support in their own communities and in the sight of God. […]