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“beautiful sight”… really?  

       In my opinion, that is so disrespectful. If Trump were to empathize and put himself in Velshi’s shoes, he would not think it was a “beautiful sight.” As I continue to say every single week, we have to vote! We will never experience the change needed if we don’t vote. […]


Who Will Be The Next Supreme Court Nominee?

Editor’s note: This article was written prior to the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She died Friday from metastatic pancreas cancer at the age of 87. Her death has prompted a political battle to rush to confirm an as-yet-unannounced nominee to fill her spot on the court before Election Day. Ginsburg was regarded as among the most liberal Supreme Court judges of all time while Donald Trump — who has already appointed two conservative justices to the Supreme Court — is among the most far-right presidents ever. […]



      Where would she find peace? Having outlived all her kids, what was now to be her purpose for living. Even in the midst of that suffering she told the judge she didn’t want Leonard to receive death. He was allowed to take a deal for a life sentence. Agnes then left to figure out how to move on. […]

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Getting insured during a Pandemic

      Welcome back to part III of Is My House on Fire? Getting insured during a pandemic. I would be remissed if I didn’t not remind you that September is “Life Insurance Awareness Month” (LIAM). This is a very special time in our industry to educate, and help mobilize our friends, families and businesses on how to take advantage of plans available to them. So please, contact your local insurance agent today. […]

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Palm Cove and Sheridan Hills Elementary Schools Each Receive $5,000 Donation from Two New Burlington Stores 

Burlington Stores, the national off-price retailer, through its partnership with the national non-profit organization, AdoptAClassroom.org and local partner Broward Education Foundation, has donated $5,000 towards school supplies to Broward County Public Schools’ Palm Cove and Sheridan Elementary Schools in celebration of its new stores now open in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines. […]


New Program Helps African Americans Create Wealth By Investing in Their Health

A new program has been launched that is targeting newly-coined African American “mobile-preneurs” who want to work from home or remotely in the lifestyle consulting industry. Amidst the aftermath of the global Coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are in a desperate search to make a living and thrive financially in a market and climate where jobs literally don’t exist anymore. Business owners and entrepreneurs alike have had to evolve and adapt and find new ways of generating income and maintain their current lifestyle or find a new lifestyle. […]