Florida Republicans Pass Restrictive Voting Laws

The new laws will add ID requirements for absentee ballots, limit the use of voting drop boxes, require voters to request absentee ballots for each specific election, restrict who can collect drop off ballots and give power to partisans observing elections. It also puts restrictions on outside groups influencing elections. […]


What is our role as humans

     If you, like me during your travels, run across a lot of different people in all kinds of circumstances, and if you have a building in the city or the hood, nine times out of 10 your building will be a resting place for the homeless and the downtrodden. My daddy told us to always have our door open because we never know when somebody will be in need. […]

Local News

Kappa Foundation of Pompano offers SAT/ACT Prep Boot Camp

     This year, we have partnered with the Bright Futures Scholarship Program to host a SAT/ACT Prep Boot Camp. The Bright Futures Scholarship Program, which is primarily funded by the Florida Lottery, assists student in pursuing Postsecondary Educational and career goals. The major objective of this collaboration is to provide our students with the needed exposure and training in order to help them improve their test scores and to gain access to financial educational opportunities. […]

National News

Five Facts About The Tulsa Race Massacre

     In 1921, a White mob entered the Greenwood District and destroyed Tulsa’s Black community. During Memorial Day weekend, the centennial remembrance of the Tulsa Race Massacre was commemorated. The massacre began when White townspeople heard a false rumor that 19-year-old Dick Rowland, a Black shoe shiner, assaulted a White elevator operator named Sarah Page. Below are five interesting facts about the Tulsa Race Massacre. […]