Destroying Digital Ballot Images Is A Common Practice in County Election Offices: Lawmakers and Voters File Lawsuit to End It

Digital ballot images are automatically created by digital voting equipment for all ballots, whether submitted by vote-by-mail, during early voting, on election day or provisionally. The lawsuit asks digital ballot images be preserved for 22 months as required by federal and state law and be treated as public records available for inspection and production under such laws. […]


African Americans die more frequently from Covid-19. But MIT researchers say poverty is not why

     “Why, for instance, are African Americans more likely to die from the virus than other races? Our study controls for patients’ income, weight, diabetic status, and whether or not they’re smokers,” wrote Knittel in the study. “We must examine other possibilities, such as systemic racism that impacts African Americans’ quality of insurance, hospitals, and healthcare, or other underlying health conditions that are not in the model, and then urge policymakers to look at other ways to solve the problem.” […]


Coronavirus Report: July 6, 2020

     To slow the rapid spread of coronavirus in our community and to protect vulnerable individuals with underlying conditions, we must take measures to avoid propagating the virus. It is important to be aware of how the virus spreads and how to protect ourselves. […]