Madam Queen of The Numbers

     Madam Queen was a notorious violent Numbers banker. She was arguably the most successful Numbers bankers in Harlem. Her lavish flamboyant lifestyle and gangster path captured the imaginations of Harlam residents. Gotham Center org, noted that she came to the city in 1910 from the French island Guadeloupe. Madam St. Clair won a wrongful eviction lawsuit against and received $1,000 in 1923. Adjusted for inflation that would be about $14,808. She used that fortune to almost take over the Numbers rackets in Harlem. The Queen employed up to 50 staffers “runners” for her business and would own several apartment buildings. […]



POSITION:   SEEKING SENIOR PASTORATE LOCATION:   FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH PINEY GROVE SUMMARY: First Baptist Church Piney Grove is a growing, family-oriented church with a multigenerational, multicultural congregation of approximately 2,500 congregants. We are actively searching for […]


My Tribute to My Beautiful Little Big Sister Betty Wright

     In my reflecting on the first 3 days of my sister Betty’s life when I was only 8-years old, she actually tried to talk  me into using  syllables in her voice after I placed her on her back in her crib. I immediately ran down stairs and said to my mother, that baby “Betty” was going to be famous and known all over the world.  Moving forward as Betty got older, we started to practice with her singing while I played the guitar in the washhouse in the Liberty Square Housing Development. In life she continued growing in her belief in God. […]


LIFT Seeks to Care for Our Caregivers

     Last year, I watched more families in our church struggle with giving care, and how much of a toll it took on them. It was then I decided to form LIFT, a caregiver Support program and ministry. The name LIFT was inspired by Moses’ battle with the Amalekites in Exodus chapter 17. When his hands were lifted the Israelites were winning. However, when he became tired and lowered them they began to lose. Aaron and Hur, the Bible says, helped to keep his hands lifted so they could win the victory! […]