Black Life Journeys Matter

http://bandarbaju.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1580911338.0575380325317382812500      The NNPA began a unique and important partnership with Compassion & Choices to acquire a more in-depth awareness and knowledge about how Black Americans and others are enabled to have a planned, dignified and well thought out, peaceful transition without the sudden unpreparedness that happens too often in many Black American families. […]

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The Bernie Bamboozle

      No disrespect to Independent Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders but I disagree with his suggestion that all “billionaires” are basically alike and that wealthy, qualified Americans should not be allowed to participate in Presidential elections. […]


Just to add to a true Black History Fact.

http://learnwithojo.com/product/shape-sorting-clock/?add-to-cart=1619      Did you know that John Hanson, a Black man, was the first President of the United States 1781-1782? He was asked by George Washington if he would accept the task. He agreed and John Hanson became the very first President of the United States assembled Congress under the Articles of Confederation. He created the Department of Treasury, the Department of War, he created the Presidential Seal, and he Proclaimed the Day we all call Thanksgiving, after he named it that for the month of  November. […]


Dear Reader,

       When I was in state prison, it was important for me to be aware of presidential, gubernatorial, judicial and district attorney elections. The political temperature on criminal justice issues—from the highest office to the lowest—adversely affected our chances at trial and parole. It also impacted whether incarcerated people had access to meaningful programs inside. […]

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Poor Bill Barr

http://naturesown.co.za/brand/willow/page/18/?add-to-cart=24811     Attorney General William Barr’s interview the other day in which he said Trump’s constant tweeting had made his job “impossible” has gotten mixed responses in the media. Some think the comment exposed a genuine rift between Barr and Trump, while others saw it as farce. I’m in the latter camp: I think the whole episode has been choreographed with specific aims in mind. […]

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