And this too shall pass

April 11, 2019 Carma Henry 0

  After difficult moments of lamenting, some of the most pleasant hours of sleep usually follow. Yes, there is a natural order of rejuvenation after times of trial and tribulations. […]

What is coming out of our homes?

March 28, 2019 Carma Henry 0

 There is a West African (Ashanti) saying which states, “The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people.” Based upon the evidence of what is occurring across this nation and the world, that old saying is becoming a reality at an alarming rate. […]

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Church out!

March 7, 2019 Carma Henry 0

     Church out is an old slang expression that we use to use when things got rough and it was about to go down (stuff was about to hit the fan). […]

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Changing a street corner mentality

January 24, 2019 Carma Henry 0

      Have you ever hung out on a street corner or ever visited the streets on regular basis? If you have then I’m quite sure you noticed the different mentality that permeates and drives the attitudes for the need to survive. […]

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