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Bus is it too late for Black people?

Black folks are mired in the worst conditions since we got our “civil rights.” ...

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Two African American business have created a new strategic alliance to grow business

North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company (NCM) is the oldest and one of the most successful African American insurance companies in the United States; and Capitol City Bank & Trust Company (CCB) is a new progressive African American financial institution that sells financial services ...

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Few NYC ad dollars spent on Ethnic Media

Few NYC ad dollars spent on Ethnic Media From the New York Carib News       The Center for Community and Ethnic Media, which is housed at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, is releasing a report today on the advertising practices of New York City’s government.      The report documents how little of the city’s ad budget goes to community and ethnic publications despite their large and devoted readershi ...

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Social Security checks to be extinct by March

In order to save tax payers $1 billion over 10 years and mitigate Social Security fraud, the government has informed these participants that they need to sign up for direct deposit or the Direct Express debit card by March 1, 2013. ...

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13 marketing power strategies for Black business to deploy in 2013

13 is often seen as a negative number given the year 2012 and its impact on Black business it is probably better to go ahead and look at the glass has half full. So we will consider the year 2013 and the number thirteen as transformative ...

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It’s never too early to plan for college expenses

But if you want to make paying for college as painless as possible, you are going to have to start planning now ...

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The richest man in history; a Black man ? Get out of here!

So if you are like me when you heard that the richest man in the world was a Black man and that pretty much no other Black people are even close to that list, it smacked of well…..just how did that happen? ...

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Tips to Protect Tax Refund

Tips to Protect Tax Refund ...

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