Black Mother

March 13, 2019 Carma Henry 0

   The reward for finding the discipline to sit through Allah’s kaleidoscope of HD video, mini DV, 16mm, Hi8 Tape and Super 8 footage are glimpses of Jamaica that convey harsh realism, history, social dynamics, religion, African heritage, prostitution, birth, families, dying and death. […]

Remembering Bob Marley

March 13, 2019 Carma Henry 0

      The footprints of Bob Marley appear on the sand in Jamaica and across the earth wherever freedom is held hostage. Likened to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Marley desired peace for his people. And for all humanity. Music was the vehicle for his message. His passionate personality was his vehicle for harmony in a chaotic world of violence. […]

Jazz in the gardens presents poetry in the gardens, a national spoken words competition winner receives $10,000

February 28, 2019 Carma Henry 0

Presented by the City of Miami Gardens, Poetry in the Gardens is an exciting addition to the Jazz in the Gardens brand that explores the best in spoken word and poetry. The much-anticipated competition, under the theme “Speak Your Art”, will provide a forum for spoken word artists to share their creativity to generate meaningful conversation and use their voices to influence positive changes. […]

What Men Want

February 13, 2019 Carma Henry 0

Twenty minutes into it, the outrageous sight-gag sex scenes, flippant dialogue and over-the-top performances yank the old premise firmly into the 21st century with a brand of humor fans of Bridesmaids will enjoy. There isn’t one subtle comic turn in this entire film. That gives Henson a chance to show her Tiffany Haddish side, which is more than willing to do anything to make viewers laugh. […]

Actor Jussie Smollet Responds to Racist, Anti-Gay Attack  with Love

February 7, 2019 Carma Henry 0

On Tuesday night, January 28, actor/singer, Jussie Smollett was attacked as he was leaving a Chicago restaurant. Smollet is best known for his role as Jamal Lyons on the FOX hit drama series, Empire, where he plays an openly gay character. Smollett came out publicly as a gay man in 2015 on the Ellen Show, and the unfortunate incident that occurred can only be described as racist and homophobic. […]

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