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New Miss Black USA ‘Ready’ for the future

It was an exciting moment that each one of them had dreamed of over and over, ...

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In this case art does not inmate life

     By Natasha Dowdy Gordon     The elements of hate, intolerance, and ignorance have combined once again to wreak havoc, cause fury, and claim the lives of innocent people. The United States Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens was killed in an attack late Tuesday night. John Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed as they fled a consulate building that had been invaded by gunmen who ...

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Colorado women have Obama’s back

Colorado women’s vote will be in this election ...

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Crist welcome in congregation, Dems say, but not as preacher

Florida Democrats are facing a question that could shape their party's future: How much do they trust Charlie Crist? ...

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DNC Briefs

First Lady Michelle Obama made a forceful pitch for voters to give her husband ...

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President Obama to Republicans: This Seat’s Taken

President Barack Obama sent out a tweet from his Twitter account (@BarackObama) that caused a lot of attention. ...

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Mitt Romney ends ‘trust me convention” with tepid speech

The Republicans have ended their convention, and they believe that they have hit a home run ...

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Back To School With The HistoryMakers brings African American leaders into Florida – area schools

HistoryMakers across the nation for the 3rd Annual Back To School With The HistoryMakers program ...

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Scott in first crisis moment, picks governing over politics

Scott, facing his first potential big crisis as governor, avoided what could have been a major test as Tropical Storm Isaac blew by the state on its way to northwestern Gulf Coast ...

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