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Black Power

Black Power ...

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President Obama examines the safety of the NFL

President Obama admitted that he is a big football fan, and I am sure he likes to brag about which team will win. ...

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Pink Slip Rick group says Rick Scott isn’t announcing a budget, but his candidacy

Rick Scott’s posturing around his 2013 budget proposal that the governor has a PR problem and is desperate to be in the good graces of teachers, public employees’ and middle class families ...

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Obama slights his loyal following

One could not help but applaud the strong direction of President Obama’s speech ...

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The Emancipation of the Wilmington Ten

Emancipation Proclamation, the outgoing governor of North Carolina, Beverly Perdue, issued an historic “Pardon of Innocence” to each member of the Wilmington Ten after a 40-year struggle for justice. ...

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Boy Scouts shouldn’t become ‘Gay Scouts’

Boy Scouts of America prohibits avowed gay and lesbian children and adults from participation, citing its principle to be “morally straight ...

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Sensible gun reform advances

No one hunts with an assault rifle ...

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57th Inauguration: A vision of a United America

President Obama was sworn into a second term ...

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Children must stop dying from gun violence

We must vote them out if they do not act to end the preventable and immoral loss of child and human lives and honor what most Americans want and our children need. ...

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