The politics of truth is a political maelstrom

July 12, 2012 keesto 0

But for one fleeting moment in time, consider the race for Miami Dade County Commission District 1. Incumbent Barbara Jordan is facing what some call a “Puppet Challenger” in term limited Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson. […]

Lucius Gantt

FAMU needs a wide receiver

July 12, 2012 keesto 0

If the James Gang has been accused of robbing a train do you think Frank James would be a good person to explain why Jesse James should not be arrested for robbery? […]

Jan Brewer

Greed – selfishness and dumb

July 5, 2012 keesto 0

The Supreme Court of the United States of America blew the top off of Arizona’s RIDICULOUS immigration law last week, but for whatever reason, the brain dead governor of the state, Jan Brewer somehow convinced herself into believing that she actually won something out of the deal. […]

John Tarka

Public education is under attack

July 5, 2012 keesto 0

My father dropped out of school in the eighth grade and went to work as a laborer in the mills of Western Pennsylvania to help support his family. Later, he mastered the craft of cutting meat and became a butcher. […]

Cheryl Pearson-McNeil

So many choices . . . So many screens

July 5, 2012 keesto 0

I’ve said it before – we are spoiled rotten. Reviewing Nielsen’s latest Cross-Platform Report, How We Watch from Screen to Screen, I can’t help but smile and remember the earlier days of “watching television.” (You know, the one screen, the only option we had). […]

Pastor Rasheed Z. Baaith

Signs of the time

July 5, 2012 keesto 0

Black people help perpetuate negative stereotypes about themselves. Mary J. Blige’s Burger King chicken commercial is a perfect example. No-body likes fried chicken more than I do but no matter how good it is, it never makes me start singing with eyes closed and chicken held lovingly in my hand after I take a bite. […]

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