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MLK Dreamed, White America Schemed

     Therefore, Dr. King had a dream, White America had a scheme. ...

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The Annual Whitewashing of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Annual Whitewashing of Martin Luther King Jr. ...

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Don’t Let Predatory Tax Loans Take Your Refunds

"....across the country, advertising – particularly on urban radio – tempts listeners with easy ways to get a loan against anticipated tax refunds. But just like other predatory lending products, what is advertised is not quite what consumers receive. ...

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Elected Enemies – The Government Shutdown That’s Crippling America

       This has been the third shutdown of the federal government since President Donald J. Trump took the oath of office. However, as a result of the current catastrophic and life-altering shutdown, millions of the people who rely on the government for their livelihood — directly and indirectly — have been severely impacted. ...

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“New Sheriff”

      I don’t deny the historical significance of Florida’s new Governor appointing a Black man to be Sheriff of Broward County. The new Sheriff is Gregory Tony and his history would have had an even greater impact if we had elected him or any Black man or woman to the Office of Sheriff. The appointment has to be considered a legacy yet … Some may argue that reasoning is short sighted but I don’t believe so ...

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Black Boys Need Rites of Passage Programs in 2019 Across the Country

     2019 is important to African American Men, because the opportunities are boundless and amazing. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it. The only barrier holding Black men back is preparation, knowledge, and education. ...

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Letter to Editor

Letter to Editor ...

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Presidents’ Priority dangerous to American citizens

During the Presidents’ Partial Government shutdown, it is causing as much danger or possibly more danger to everyone and every industry than the Presidents’ Wall dilemma. He is still refusing to budge even after nearly a month. Maybe he hasn’t evaluated what he is doing to the American citizens and the country due to his decision to shut down a partial Government. The American citizens are facing mortgage a ...

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