Pressing President Obama

Commerce Secretary John Bryson
Commerce Secretary John Bryson
Commerce Secretary John Bryson
Commerce Secretary John Bryson

By Wilson Nathaniel Thomas

Running Down the RIDICULOUS

Members of the Republican Party have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will go to any lengths to make sure that they win the 2012 presidential election. These folks have gone over and beyond in their efforts to be cunning, conniving, and just down right sneaky. The problem is that most folks who have tried to pull off the shenanigans that some of the Republicans have used recently have done so on the down low. I mean, very few people who are living within the realms of their right mind would ever so overtly expose themselves as being the true and unadulterated RIDICU-LOUS jackasses that they actually are.

I mean good Lord; the Republicans are so desperate and calculating that they will jump on any bone that they can to try to show President Obama in the worst possible light. If that means that they have to use people in his inner circle to do so, they absolutely and without a thought will. Now when we think about actions without a thought there is no greater example of this than the stunt that Carl Rove and his Super Pac pulled this week.

Over the weekend, Commerce Secretary John Bryson was involved in two hit and run accidents. One is being investigated as a felony hit and run. Now before Bryson could leave the hospital the Republican machine was already on the attack taking to twitter pages and other sites on the internet spreading the word that Bryson was in trouble with the law, and speculating that the man was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Now there is an old saying about haste making waste, and I am guessing that if Bush’s Brain and his Super Pac Posse had pulled back on the reigns just a little, and waited to get some tangible information, they might not have come across as the RIDICULOUS fools that they actually turned out to be when it was revealed that Bryson actually had a seizure, which was the true culprit behind his accidents.

Pastor Terry Jones is back in the news again. If you don’t remember who this bigoted, hate-filled, cancer on the backside of humanity is, let me refresh your memory. This is the idiot while hiding behind the cloth of Jesus decided that during the height of our engagement in Afghanistan and during the battle going on in Libya, that he would burn a stack of Korans. His plans to burn the holy book of the largest religion on the planet Earth sparked criticism from people all over the world.

Now this so called preacher man has decided that hanging President Obama is the best way for him to express his first amendment rights. Jones stated that his latest antic is in protest of President Obama’s stance on gay rights, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is Black. Jones claims that Obama is killing America by supporting gay marriage, and his effigy is a symbol of that. Perhaps Jones should invite the families of those who have been hung and lynched throughout the years all over the Southern region of the United States to his church to explain that position.

My question is simple, this man has committed a very visible act of hostility against the President of the United States, been the cause of placing count-less of our service men and women in harm’s way, committed several acts of treason, and his church has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Just how far will the justice system allow this RIDICULOUS vehicle of hatred and bigotry to go?

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