Rep. Perry Thurston Statement On Governor Scott’s Retreat from Race-based Education Plan.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Rep. Perry Thurston (D-Plantation), the incoming Florida House Democratic leader, issued the following statement:


“It is a favorable sign that Governor Scott has decided today to disavow himself from a highly controversial element of the Strategic Plan for public schools offered this month by the state Board of Education. I am hopeful that the Board of Education will recraft the plan so that it seeks improved student performance across the board instead of one based on race and ethnicity. As I’ve stated before, it is simply wrong to imply that one race is academically inferior to another.


“I have also said that Florida needs a strategic vision for our schools that puts public education first. Accordingly, I would urge the State Board of Education to re-examine the inordinate focus that its strategic plan places on private school education through vouchers and for-profit charter school education. I think Florida deserves an education plan that puts public school students ahead of private interests.”

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