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The time has come!

The Affordable Care Act is here ...

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Encouraged and Optimistic: African American Philanthropy & Museums

This includes the creation of museums and cultural centers that document recognize and celebrate the art, culture, history and contributions of African Americans ...

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Fundraising: Investment or after thought?

Investing in the fundraising operations of a nonprofit is an investment in the organization’s future. It takes time to build a fundraising program that is capable of securing revenue from multiple sources. ...

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How will you fund your strategic plan?

strategic planning that answers the question “where will the money come from” as part of the process. ...

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Nonprofit success: more than “feel good”

Nonprofit success: more than “feel good” ...

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You can’t sell what you don’t know

You can’t sell what you don’t know ...

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Introducing FUNdraising Good Times

Welcome to FUNdraising Good Times, your place for how-to information on the often mysterious topic of fundraising ...

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