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Tyshonna Blades
Tyshonna Blades
Tyshonna Blades
Tyshonna Blades

By Sensible Sue

Sensible Sue’ s Rhetoric

Let’s say that your four year old daughter found a loaded gun in a hotel room that you were staying in and accidently shot herself. Now for all intensive purposes, let’s just assume that you would do exactly what most people operating within the confines of good, moral, reasonable, and common sense would do, and that would be to seek medical attention for your child immediately.

Well, unfortunately, that was not the case when 21-year-old Tyshunna Blades called her 20 year old boyfriend Thomas Sumlin to inform him that their four year old daughter shot herself.

According to reports released by the Gwinnett County, Georgia Police Department, Tyshunna Blades stated that Mr. Sumlin persuaded and ultimately convinced her not to call the police or seek medical attention for their daughter because of her going to jail and her other two children being removed from her custody.

Sumlin claimed that the child “found” the gun and that he had no idea as to who the weapon belonged to. However police reports state that while searching the couple’s hotel room, they did not find a bullet, but they did find a bullet hole. However Cpl. Jake Smith, Gwinnett County Police Department Spokesperson, told Channel 2 Action News that investigators did find a holster matching the gun found in the hotel room, a matching magazine, additional ammunition, and quite possibly the bullet that actually grazed the abdomen of the four year old girl at Sumlin’s home.

In what could possibly be one of the most RIDICULOUS statements ever made to a member of the media, Sumlin told Channel 2 Action News during an interview that he had nothing to hide, and that he did not believe that his daughter’s injury was serious enough to warrant medical attention.

Here is the thing-: if Sumlin did not have enough mental fortitude to bring himself to the conclusion that his child needed medical attention, at the very least, Blades’ maternal instincts should have kicked in. Honestly members of the animal kingdom have greater parental instincts than either of these two idiots. Thank goodness a family friend coughed up a hairball of humanity and decency to report the incident to authorities, even if it was two days after the incident occurred.

Currently the little girl and her two other siblings are in the custody of the state of Georgia, and their RIDICOUSLY irresponsible parents were arrested on the charges of second degree child cruelty. Deanna Edwards, the mother of Thomas Sumlin was also arrested for allegedly attempting to prevent investigators from talking to her son. It is amazing how this woman could muster up enough maternal instinct to protect her son, but not muster up enough common sense to seek medical attention for her granddaughter.

And low and behold, there must be something wrong with the water in the state of Georgia, because there is another cruel and unbelievable case of child abuse to report coming out of the Peach Tree State. Keith Furlow was indicted last Thursday for feeding his four month old daughter a deadly mixture of baby formula spiked with Vodka. The baby was pronounced dead at Egleston Children’s Hospital, and the child’s toxicology report confirmed that she had a blood alcohol concentration level of .1119.

People, this is why you don’t give children alcohol, and this is what hap-pens when the relentless cycle of babies having babies is not broken. Twenty year old Keith Furlow lost his little girl by his own hands, and he has lost his life to the penal system as he has been charged and indicted on felony murder and cruelty to children in the second degree charges.

I am just trying to figure out what has happened to us as a people. It used to be that when we had people out there breeding children like a mosquito spawns eggs, there were always the elders within the community that stood up and grabbed the sorry excuse for a parent up and gave them a swift kick in the behind. Now we live in a day and an age where there is absolutely no accountability in our community, and tragically our children are dying because of it.

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