VIDEO: Howls He Do That? Police Wonderdog Can Cross A Tightrope Blindfolded And Even Hop Up Stairs 

The world’s most talented police dog can walk on a tightrope blindfolded, and is living proof that old dogs can always learn new tricks.

The well-trained police dog named ‘Lachi,’ which is pronounced ‘Lucky,’ is constantly being trained by his police dog trainer and partner, Ghenadie Rotaru, to learn new skills that will help with his work for the Border Police in Chisinau, the capital city of the Republic of Moldova.

Despite recently celebrating his sixth birthday, the Belgian Malinois K9 police dog is still learning as fast as ever, with his talents landing him guest appearances on local television shows like “Romania’s Got Talent,” where he demonstrated some of his skills.

A video shows a compilation of Lachi’s tricks, including walking up stairs on two legs, holding his breath underwater, and backpedaling with a trainer.

Lachi also performs in shows at the Moldovan National Theater to an amazed audience, where he demonstrates tricks like the ability to walk on a single tightrope as well as a double rope, and holding his breath underwater for more than a minute.

Many online commentators questioned whether walking blindfolded on a rope while pulling a load is something the dog would ever need in action, however, Rotaru insists that it’s about building trust between dog and human in order to push his boundaries.

He said the dog learning to walk on tightropes or holding his breath underwater helps to train his physical and mental health, and prepare him to help police in extreme situations, for example involving a fire or a natural disaster like an earthquake.

Moldovan police dog Lachi can walk on tight ropes while carrying a medical kit in his mouth. (@ghenadierotaru/Zenger)

The serving police officer, from the city of Leova in Moldova, said police dogs are valuable not just for the work that they do catching suspects or sniffing out drugs or bombs, but are also great for the image of the force.

“The public appreciate the abilities of dogs like Lachi, and they have exactly the opposite effect on criminals who really fear them,” he said.

Police dog Lachi has even showed off his tricks on TV (Newsflash)

Asked about the secret to his success, the dog training expert is clear that only one thing counts.

“There must be no secrets and you must never try to fool the dog,” he said.

He said it built up trust and that was the basis of achieving incredible things together, which can be done regardless of how old the dog is or its breed, or temperament, or indeed any other factor.

Edited by Katie Taranto and Kristen Butler

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