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Broward Schools plans ways to improve services to special needs students

B2SESEBroward Schools plans ways to improve services to special needs students

By Yolonda Reed

     At a meeting held recently, parents and some school district officials agreed that Broward schools receive an ‘F’ for serving students with special needs.

For years, parents have complained about their children’s feelings of exclusion and isolation, mismanagement of district resources, Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services being understaffed, etc. A recent independent study was conducted that proves some of these points.

Evergreen Solutions of Tallahassee (EST) made 110 recommendations which included additional staff, placing ESE students closer to their homes instead of at a cluster site, auditing and monitoring of budgets, etc. by the School Board.

Superintendent Robert Runcie plans to create a task force and also to hold community meetings on how to best meet the needs of our special-needs students. After receiving complaints from the community, Superintendent Runcie commissioned the EST review.

School Board Member Robin Barlteman stated, “The culture of the district has to change.”


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