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Birth and Death Certificates now available in North area of Broward County

Effective immediately, application for Birth and Death Certificates will be available at Broward County Health Department’s ...

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Black arthritis patients get less powerful drugs

Blacks with rheumatoid arthritis are only half as likely to be prescribed more effective drugs that may prevent further joint damage and disability, according to a new study published in the journal Arthritis Care & Research ...

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Four foods for better focus

Discover these four things you can eat for better concentration. ...

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FAMU Professor receives patent for highly effective Anti-HIV compounds

Florida A&M University’s (FAMU) Interim Vice President of Research, Kinfe Ken Redda, has reached a milestone in his research by receiving a patent for the development of therapeutic agents in the treatment of HIV infection. ...

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Grapes & wine: Good medicine

Recently, the discovery of high volume anti-oxidant compounds in berries, juices and wines has brought more attention to muscadine grapes, not only as an important alternative cash value crop for the southeastern United States, but also as a new healthy food ...

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HIV in correctional settings

Compared with those who have not been incarcerated, incarcerated populations have more risk factors that are associated with acquiring and transmitting HIV, including injection drug and other drug use, commercial sex work, untreated mental illness, and lower socioeconomic status. ...

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Black churches confront the AIDS epidemic

Not to encourage more sexuality, church leaders were quick to point out, but because it is an effective weapon to curb the spread of HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS. ...

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Sickle cell disease cuts HIV risk in U.S. Blacks: 400,000-person review

Sickle cell disease lowers the odds of HIV infection about 70 percent, according to analysis of 423,431 records of adult African-Americans admitted to the hospital from 1997 through 2009. In contrast, sickle cell disease raised chances of infection with hepatitis B or C virus (HBV or HCV). ...

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HIV/AIDS and forgiveness: How Judith Shaw forgave herself and the man who infected her

Shaw insists that forgiveness saved her life: “For me, if I hadn’t forgiven I would be out there, somewhere, in that world, abusing myself. I would die.” ...

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