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Supervised and unsupervised HIV self-testing both earn high marks

Supervised and unsupervised HIV self-testing both had high acceptability scores and often resulted in partner self-testing, according to a systematic review of 21 international studies. ...

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Many young Americans unaware they’re infected with HIV

National HIV Surveillance System found that people under the age of 45 who are infected with the virus ...

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Eating a big lunch can maximize weight-loss

According to the study those who ate earlier in the day lost an average of 25 percent more weight than those who waited for their big meal. ...

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Love Coffee? DSM lists caffeine intoxication among mental disorders

Did you know that your coffee habit can now induce a mental disorder according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) ...

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After HVTN 505: What now? A Q&A with Dr. Wayne C. Koff

Sadly, the vaccine failed to reduce the viral load of participants who became infected with HIV, and greater numbers of people who received the vaccine than received a placebo became infected later. ...

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Gay men in New York being hit with a deadly virus

Gay men in New York City are being hit with a deadly strain of Bacterial Meningitis. ...

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Autism often goes undetected in Black children

Black children lag behind their peers when it comes to early intervention for ASDs. ...

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How you can combat PMS

Vitamin B is extremely important to take when you are experiencing PMS ...

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Defending obesity is not cute

young woman who was overweight and had recently acquired a platform ought to use the platform to address the challenges and effects of being overweight (or obese or even corpulent). ...

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