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Medivance Billing Service, Inc. launches ‘Erase the Stigma’ Campaign

Medivance Billing Service, Inc., one of south Florida’s largest minority employer, a company ...

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Five ways adults can help young people avoid getting HIV/AIDS

Cory and Jah were diagnosed with HIV at about age 16. Now 25, they reflect upon five areas of support they wish they had received from adults that might have helped them protect themselves. ...

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Medivan Billing Service, Inc. to host ‘Perspective on Behavioral Health’

In honor of National Recovery Month, Medivance Billing Service, Inc. will host a community roundtable ...

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Medicaid expansion costs start at $79M and climb

Looking for the price-tag of the federal Affordable Care Act, analysts have released a report estimating that an expansion of the Medicaid ...

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Newsmaker Profile: GrantColfax, M.D.

Dr. Grant Colfax inherited a massive job description. In March 2012 President Barack Obama appointed the former director of the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s HIV programs ...

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Scores of Sudanese children dying from diarrhea at refugee camps

Large numbers of Sudanese people are dying in a refugee camp near the South Sudan ...

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STIs and HIV: The tie and why it matters

HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), but researchers are pushing for more coordination to reduce the incidence of all such conditions. ...

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Armor Correctional Health Services implements positive trend in Broward County Jail with detox program

Broward County, a South Florida community considered ground zero for illegal prescription drug distribution, experienced a dramatic increase in individuals requiring detox upon incarceration in their jail system ...

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Mental hospital pregnancy case spurs fight

The mentally ill patient at Florida State Hospital thought she was in labor last December and needed help ...

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