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What to look for in dueling autopsies of Michael Brown

As a journalist, I’ve read roughly 1,000 autopsy reports and spent much of my career reporting on fatal encounters between police officers and civilians. Here’s some of what Baden found and what experts will be looking for as they examine Brown’s corpse ...

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Jesse Jackson will expand Silicon Valley initiative to other sectors

After he completes his campaign for more diversity in Silicon Valley, Jesse Jackson plans to expand the pressure on technology companies in other regions of the country and then go after other sectors of private industry, including financial services, banking and advertising. ...

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Black voters in the south face new threats

Black voters in the south face new threats ...

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Man Shot and Killed by St Louis Police Officers [Original]

On Tuesday, two officers from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department shot and killed Kajieme Powell, who was 25 years old. Powell was suspected of shoplifting energy drinks and donuts from a convenience store. The shop owner, believing that Powell was carrying a weapon, contacted police. Another witness, Ald. Dionne Flowers, who represents the area and owns a beauty salon in the same block, noticed th ...

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President Obama’s vision of a post-racial America looks even more distant than before

The speech that made President Barack Obama famous cast him as a post-racial figure offering a vision of America no longer divided along Black-and-white lines. ...

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EPA to require air pollution measurements in Black communities

These fence line measurements will give surrounding communities – largely low-income communities of color – data on the level of pollution they are exposed to each day. ...

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Michael Eric Dyson says President Obama needs to step up in Ferguson

Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson called on President Barack Obama to use his influence and get more involved in the current situation occurring in Ferguson. ...

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U.S. ‘falling further behind’ on race relations

Twenty years after signing the “International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination,” the United States continues to struggle with racial disparities in every major sector of American society. ...

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