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If you are a Christian and you sin, can you go to heaven?

If you are a Christian and you sin, can you go to heaven? ...

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How might God reward you for refusing to get even with someone who hurt you?

He said that if you want to heap hot coals on the heads of your enemies, be kind to them. He also said, “And the Lord will reward you ...

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How can you avoid being double-minded?

“A way to stop being a double-minded person is to quit thinking about gifts from God. ...

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Should you obey a law that forbids worshipping God?

You should do what’s right. Obey what’s right, and you will be fine.” ...

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How does God have patience with us?

“If God didn’t have patience, we wouldn’t be here right now ...

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What is Heaven like?

“Heaven is a place that is so beautiful, you would think it was make-believe. It’s perfect, ...

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Why did Jesus pay taxes with a coin from the mouth of a fish?

Peter knew how to catch fish, but Jesus would teach him how to bring people into his kingdom. ...

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How does knowing God’s love affect your relationships with people?

God loves us in our heads and sense his love in our hearts, we don’t try to put people in the place of God. Don’t make an idol out of any human relationship ...

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How can I tell what’s right from what’s wrong?

“You can really tell right from wrong because when you hit someone, you feel sorry for them,” says David, age nine. “Like if you kick someone in the knee, you feel bad,” ...

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