Derek Joy
Derek Joy

Father’s Day unfolds the politics of political confusion

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Online Xanax By Derek Joy Yep. Just like that! Black Music Month got an interesting start. June brought the onset of summer rains. Andrea came on strong and kicked up a tropical storm.

Xanax Bars Where To Buy Online And Father’s Day is in view.

Buy Alprazolam Online In India Funny how Father’s Day the beginning of the rainy season, hurricane season and Black Music Month all happens in June. School ends. Summer vacations begin. Black Music Month and Father’s Day lend time to focus on the lyrics of a mega hit recording by the O’Jays, titled “Family Reunion.”

How To Buy Real Xanax Online The lyrics touched upon the role of the father in a family unit. How he leads, guides, protects and provides. All the responsible and admirable ideals. Ideals. Dreams. Musically expressed in the lyrics of a song. So, think about it. Consider how one gets to be a father. Also ponder how fathers handle the responsibilities of fatherhood. Academy Award winning actor Sidney Poitier conveyed in his book, “The Measure of A Man,” which talks about how a man takes care of his family.

Through it all, little is ever said about how one gets to be a father.

Some become fathers by planned parenthood. Others are simply careless risk takers concerned only with the physical gratification in sexual conquest. Still others are tricked. And there are those sperm donors.

Alprazolam Online Uk Children result from each case and more. Offspring didn’t ask to be born. They did not contribute to the acts of conception and birth. Yet all too often the children become victims of the selfish deeds of their parents. Fathers bear the bulk of the responsibility for the wellbeing of his children, even when the obstacles against him seem insurmountable. Absenteeism does nothing to meet the obligations of fatherhood.

One good example of this is to look at athletes competing in the various sports from Optimist/Pop Warner Leagues to the professional ranks. It’s almost always, “Hi Mom,” when their on camera. Countless sports stories – both in print and broadcasting – make mention of athlete after athlete being raised in a single family home. It’s the mother, the aunt, grandmother or some other relative. Dad just isn’t there. No excuse for that. No excuse for being that irresponsible man, husband and father. Despite the difficulties and sometime reality that  will never appreciate the effort.

You know what’s equally important in fatherhood? The frequently overlooked reality of just how people use children for financial gain, controlling power over another. Just a few points to ponder as Black Music Month moves on to highlight Father’s Day.

So make it a Happy Father’s Day!!!  

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