The tragic comedy in “buying Greenland” from Denmark

     President Donald Trump’s recent proposition to buy Greenland generated curious headlines and reactions around the world. Many have focused their attention on the comical reaction to his offer: not for sale, absurd. Trump’s disregard for Greenland’s self-governing-autonomy and his unsophisticated approach to negotiation and problem-solving are on full display. […]

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Community Leaders Heartened by Portland Response to Proud Boys Rally

     “My read of the situation is that we wanted these White nationalists and alt-right leaders out of our community. And the police gave them the quickest and most expedient way to get out of our city, and I feel comfortable with that,” Eric K. Ward, executive director of Western States Center, told The Skanner. “We saw a five-hour rally that lasted for less than an hour, and then (protestors) requested to be escorted across the bridge by law enforcement. We have groups who were trying to create the conditions for another Charlottesville. […]

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From Marva with Love: Clydric Gales

On From Marva with Love I interviewed a young man, Clydric Gales, from Louisiana. Clydric was raised by his father and maternal grandmother. His mother went to prison when he was four years old, and he was not allowed to visit her. His father was the very opposite. He was hard working and a deacon at his church. Neither of his parents completed high school, but always had dreams and aspirations for Clydric completing college and becoming successful. […]

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‘Weeping Time’ Author, Historian Anne C. Bailey Discusses Slave Auctions and her Involvement in NY Times’ 1619 Project

     The auction took place on March 2 and 3, 1859. The slaves were housed in the stables. The sale of 436 slaves grossed more than $300,000 — approximately $9,350,000 if the sales took place today. In fact, calculations from measuringworth.com explain that while the real price of the commodity (436 human beings defined as property) in today’s dollars is $9,350,000, today’s labor value is $61,600,000 (using the unskilled wage), or $127,000,000 (using production worker compensation). […]