Baby Panda Kaedehama Takes A Fall For Fun

(Video from Adventure World/Real Press) A baby panda confidently masters the art of falling. Giant panda baby “Fuhin” Kaedehama from Adventure World, a theme park in Wakayama Prefecture, in Japan, has demonstrated she is ready […]


COVID-19 Pandemic Leads to Drop of Maternal Health Care in Africa, Raising Fears of Increased Mortality    

     “Globally, and in many African countries, women have borne the brunt of the harmful effects of the pandemic. They have had limited to no access to essential maternal and child health services for a significant time period as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and scarce resources in already overstretched hospitals and health centers,” Eden Ahmed Mdluli, Senior Technical Officer for Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health at Project HOPE, wrote in the release. […]


U.S. Supreme Court Sounds Ready to Pay Student Atheltes

     The business of college sports, which includes millions in television contracts and sponsorships, resulting in a world of lucrative payouts for everyone other than the players, may have met its match at the U.S Supreme Court. Several court members sounded skeptical of the NCAA’s arguments that the current set up is fair. A federal district court in California gave athletes a victory. It ruled that the NCAA could not limit income to athletes. […]