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Marketing is the elusive magic that all business and brands must have in order to attract their target market. However, marketing can be difficult for some to understand and seemingly costly. As a result, it becomes necessary to market ourselves as much as our brand because on all levels, but especially the local levels, people do business with people they know, like and trust. It’s not enough to just showcase your product and services. Marketing is about putting a polished version of yourself out there. It’s about overcoming fears and shyness. It’s remembering that closed mouths don’t get fed and accordingly, private Instagram accounts don’t get views. It’s about public speaking or hiring brand managers. Marketing is taking the bull by the horns and saying, I am open for business. Marketing is your brand on display and center stage. Here are a few tips to take your business to the next level.

Be Social, Not Salesy

     Too often, small businesses are mimicking big brands by speaking at their audience instead of speaking with them on social media. The appeal of small businesses is in supporting someone we can relate to, so you must give your potential customers someone to relate to. Your vibe will attract your tribe, so it’s important to be yourself and speak authentically in your conversations in real life and online. Your social media followers should be viewed as potential brand ambassadors. Be effective in your social sphere and your supporters will be eager to share their positive experiences with your brand. They will champion about their experience with your goods and services. Your Facebook and Instagram posts should go beyond flyers and product shots to photos of you living your real life outside of entrepreneurship. Be transparent about your difficulties and insecurities and let your potential customers know the real you, let them share in your experience.

Hometown Love Grows to Global Recognition

     The internet is the world’s marketplace, but how does that bell make noise in the local parade? Internet marketing is but one tool you can use to market your business. Build a local fanbase by bringing your candles and body scrubs to flea markets and pop-up shops. Come from behind the desk and offer your graphic design and financial services to local businesses. We are at a time when people are happy to support their local economy, and with excellent customer service, you are sure to get new ambassadors, “fans” and customers for your business easily.

Here is another tip – Tap into your local media. Your potential customers and clients ate reading The Westside Gazette just like you are. People want to know what is going on in their backyards and turn to reputable sources for that information. Trusted publications like the Westside Gazette have a history of servicing our community and can bring news of your business to a localized audience.

Engagement comes in many ways

     Sometimes we can get dismayed by the lack of interaction on our social media posts. We must remember the name of the game is impressions. Studies show that a person sees an ad 7 times before they decide to purchase. Therefore, commercials run so frequently. You must put something in your potential customers’ faces several times before it registers. That doesn’t mean bleed their feed with the same ads day after day, but offer them interesting content that ties back to your business. Your audience sees it, even if they don’t like it. Don’t forget to ask your brand ambassadors and fans to report. You can share information in your Instagram and Facebook Stories? They are great for content that you don’t want to make permanent on your page. The bonus is you can see who views them. Note the people who regularly watch your stories. Those are potential customers and ambassadors.

Marketing, Social Media, and On Location engagement can be overwhelming, but it’s necessary. For this very reason – Press Release Marketing is hosting “It’s [Just] Social Media: For Business Owners, Non-Profit Leaders, and Influencers.” Join us as we discuss techniques on how to maximize your profits and reach by working the world wide web. It’s going down April 20 at the City of Lauderdale Lakes Educational and Cultural Center from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. We will have an interactive discussion, prizes, and networking opportunities. Let our marketing mastery workshop take your business to the next level! #JustPressRelease.

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