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Kevin Palmer Martinez

Kevin Palmer 

Super-sized classes promote unethical behavior

By Kevin Palmer

Classroom size is a global problem. In an Original 106 FM October 14, 2017 website article, Warning over Scotland’s “super-sized” classroom, it stated, “The number of pupils being taught in classes of 30 or more has increased by 40 percent since 2011. Promises, pledges, and PR stunts on education cannot hide the Scottish National Party’s record on our schools – 4000 fewer teachers, $1.5 billion cut from local budgets, super-sized classes and a stubborn attainment gap between richest and the rest.” The same problem exists in America.

Across America, classes in predominately minority populated schools are supersized and overwhelmed teachers are on the ropes, holding on, while school leaders promote “promises, pledges, and PR stunts.” Then, what usually happens is what has happened in the city of New York. According to an August 9, 2015 New York post article, Quotas at city schools pressure teachers to pass failing students, “City teachers say that they are expected to pass a quota of students, and that the pressure gives rise to academic shortcuts and diplomas for the undeserving.”

Indeed, the pressure to reduce class size and improve academic performance with shrinking budgets is real. Therefore, without intelligent systemic changes, skepticism must follow any news of academic improvement. There is a cost to politicizing education. Sadly, children pay the ultimate cost.


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