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This political fight for our lives could, at any moment, turn into an all-out race war if the prevailing people in the White House have their way. Our country’s history is no stranger to a country torn apart by the differing actions perpertrated against people of color. In times like these it is good to know who is in the fox hole with you. It has become plainly clear that the color of one’s skin does not make us kin and if  our skin is colored differently that doesn’t mean that our hearts are against one another and we’re not afraid  or ashamed to call each other sisters and brothers. We may use different ways to address the issues and perhaps dissimilar name calls, yet I am honored to have Lucius Gantt’s thoughts appear in my space. The battle cry, “GIVE ME LIBERITY OR GIVE ME DEATH!” should be the motivating factor to get us out to the polls. For those who want freedom without fighting are the same ones who want life without taking a breath. Mr. Gantt I salute you.

Yours in the struggle,

Bobby R. Henry, Sr.


The Gantt Report

Democracy or Death

By Lucius Gantt

Patrick Henry was an American colonialist best known for a speech he made in Virginia where he said “Give me liberty or give me death”!

Speaking politically in 2020, voters in the United States have to choose between getting democracy or getting death.

The devil will disagree but the President and his rag tag crew of hillbillies, red necks and trailer park trouble makers are doing things that may lead to a worldwide race war! Tell them there are more Black people on earth than white people.

Anyway, when you look at judicial injustice, police murders of unarmed men, women and children of color, medical bias, mistreatment and malpractice and many other happenings, if you  are Black, brown or red, you know that enough is enough and enough is too much.

When Americans ignore or dismiss daily misconduct by politicians, prosecutors, judges and law enforcers, no one should be surprised when people of color keep getting friends, family members and neighbors shot or when Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans begin to shoot back to defend themselves!

Donald Trump is very familiar with white supremacy. His father, and other family members, were long time Ku Klux Klan sympathizers. Trump even described himself as a white nationalist.

If you don’t know, Trump’s political base is made of white men and women that fear a “Black Planet”.

Everybody in the world except the people that control the Democratic Party have no doubt that most white men share the President’s views about racism and fascism.

Let me tell you how racial feelings are provoking racial animosity and political unrest.

First, ask yourself why women of color are welcomed into the White House, and into other political vestiges, but Black men are shunned. Black men are not substantially hired to provide political products and services. I know some Black men with extensive political histories, experiences and successes in vote generation that will never be considered for participation in political purchasing transactions done by the Party that they love.

Some say “2020 is the year of the women”, especially women of color. That kind of comment is meant to divide men and women with melanin.

Women are told, “You’re not like that Louis Farrakhan, you’re more like a Reality Show housewife than a freedom fighter like Harriett Tubman, a political warrior like Fannie Lou Hammer or a truth teller like Ida B. Wells.”

Don’t take my word for it, read your history. White men have always wanted Black women around them more than Black men for both obvious and subtle reasons. If a Black woman and an equally qualified Black man compete for a job with whites, the woman will probably get the job.

I love the fact that sisters are on the rise. I applaud them and pray for their success and well being.

We are all in the same boat, on the same modern day plantation and we all have the same kind of elected officials.

But we still must VOTE.

The Gantt Report does not endorse any candidates, unless I personally know a candidate seeking to represent me in government.

However, I can quickly and happily tell you who I won’t vote for.

Even though I have some very dear friends that are Republican, but in 2020 there is no GOP candidate on earth that I’ll cast my ballot for.

Why? Because the Republican Party no longer exists. Most Republicans in office are not representing the men and women that voted for them, they are only voting for what Trump tells them to vote for. They idolize Trump, they are afraid of Trump and they support his love for American “enemies” like Russia and Vladimir Putin.

The road to righteousness is narrow but the path to political demise and death in the United States is like an eight lane highway where you can drive, or politic, as recklessly as you want to.

More than 200,000 Americans have died because of the Republican’s failure to address and beat back the Corona Virus and American democracy is nearly dead because of Republican political attacks on voting and on American agencies like the FBI, CIA and justice departments that must not be politicized.

Yes, you have classmates, colleagues and friends that fear a Black planet where sheet wearers, nationalists and supremacists will no longer be able to oppress, exploit and colonize people of color.

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