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A Longshoreman’s perspective

A Longshoreman’s perspective

     This is in response to recent reports of Community Leader/Activist and former ILA union President, Darryl Mike D Payne, and his former Executive Assistant being accused of theft of union assets. I know both of these people very well. They both have great integrity and have been extremely trustworthy in their service to our union. Mrs. Wade-Brown is just as bright as she is beautiful. They both have always gone  the extra mile when needed or called upon by our members. President Mike D Payne, as most of us continue to call him, is an exceptional leader, an intellectual giant, and a proud gifted Black Man who has always courageously stepped out front and boldly spoke Truth-To-Power on issues important to working people, the dispossessed, troubled youth and our community.

     I’ll be the first to admit he can and has ruffled many feathers, and most of us at ILA #1526 believe that this is why the recent false allegations have been made against him. I will not make any direct or personal accusations (at this time). But I will say this: I’ve known Mike D Payne for many years. Over those years, he has always been a generous giver, never a taker. He is and has been a pillar in this community and has given his time, energy and money to countless charities and community organizations. When this guy wakes up in the morning, one of the first things on his mind is how to add value to others lives, not to hurt or steal from anyone. His personal mission statement begins with “To improve the lives of our Members” and that HE HAS DONE!

     This great leader has written, presented and argued some of the most beneficial resolutions in our union’s history:  the removal of a cap on our container royalty payouts, eliminating a management- imposed, tiered wage system that secured equal-pay for equal-work, the forming of the first ILA Ports Council for the state of Florida, and with the help of State Senator Anthony Hill, he led the way to getting legislation passed that resulted in hundreds of ex-convict dockworkers across the state being allowed to return to work on the docks. After coming to the realization that God had a calling on his life, I too adopted his mission statement and have tried to be there to assist in accomplishing great things for the members of the International Longshoremen’s Association.

     It is truly sad to see political rivals from within the union trying to destroy the life of another brother member. How do you fight against the one person who has never stopped fighting for you? It’s time for fellow members and this community to stand and rally behind a man who has always stood and rallied behind us! Let all the good people come together and pray this foolish, politically motivated crap out of this man’s path.

     God has too many great things left for him to do. I’m praying and know that this will work out ,and Mr. Mike D. Payne will be fine. In keeping with what I’ve personally seen Mr. Payne do and just from the increase I’ve received because of the removal of the Royalty cap and tiered wages, I am going to start by making a contribution to his legal defense of $500. Please contact Mike D personally if you’re able to make a contribution. Everybody in our Local and/or this community should know his number. If not, it’s easy to get. Checks or Money Orders can also be mailed to P.O. Box 8303, Fort Lauderdale, 33310


Elliott Fulmore – Proud Member of ILA #1526 


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