A Message From The Publisher

Bobby Henry, Sr.

A Message From The Publisher

When it is necessary I will share my space in this box to give important information to our readers. This important information is concerning our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated. We know that with this COVID-19 virus being incarcerated is one of the main places where this virus can wreak havoc. According to news sources, family and friends who are locked down, COVID-19 is claiming the lives of those in these penal institutions in unrecorded numbers. We are not overlooking our nursing homes or our assistant living facilities as we see those reports on a daily basis. Our prayers and our resources will continue to be extended to keeping the light of equal justice shone on the least, the lost and those who are purposefully left out by a warped system. To our incarcerated family PLEASE take heed and as well as you can, follow all safety precautions.

God Bless you all, Bobby R. Henry, Sr., Publisher  Westside Gazette

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