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A nation falling apart?

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

A nation falling apart?

By Dr. P.L. Wright Ph.D

In reference to the recent gun violence in Minnesota, Louisiana, and Dallas, Tex., I have discussed an inexplicable understanding of how can killing make a difference for things to get better? That is not the way. We must develop a system on how to weed out those oppressive legal officials and hold them accountable for their criminal activity.

We must learn to tolerate our differences and use constraint against harboring any nefarious thoughts that you may eventually feel you wish to act on against another human being for how you have been treated by them. As an African American, Irish, and Cherokee, I was fortunate enough to have the type of mother who taught me and my siblings to love and respect and tolerate the difference of another human being. My mother also instilled in us to learn about other cultures in order to understand and tolerate more about another person.

The United States was established on Christian principles that are in the Holy Bible. No matter what other cultures think about American laws and culture when they migrate to America, they must respect our laws and culture, and learn to assimilate themselves into their new culture by the letter of the law in America.

They should be permitted to open businesses that cater to their culture, but hire someone who speaks the English language for those patrons who do business with them who speak English only. There has been much hate, discrimination, bigotry, and racism used domestically without constraint and without legal accountability.

America has also purposely developed a double standard to use against specific cultural groups who are being oppressed in order to control them. As a democratic nation, America has had the respect of many other nations for decades, but it seems to be changing now in 2016.

We must live up to our United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights for all people in America. This can only be done by holding those persons and groups accountable for violating our United States laws and policies, and to respect each other.

We already worship together in our churches, so why can’t we believe and follow the principles in the Holy Bible that gives us instructions on how to treat each other with tolerance, respect, and compassion without killing each other?

The United States is a country of many different cultures that have migrated to America, even if some of them, as the Africans who were stolen and brought to America as slaves, during the 1600s whose offspring are still being oppressed. Those days should have been long gone, except there has not been any democratic laws enforced to hold criminals the of oppression and the new slavery of the African offspring who now have survived in America for over 400 years. Many of those stolen African offspring in America are still being oppressed and murdered legally, with no Legal representation to hold the oppressors   accountable for their criminal violations of the law against those oppressed Americans. How can America dictate to other countries that they need to create a Democratic society too if Americas’ is not showing success, and is not functioning properly. Is America falling apart?   If so, how do we put it back together.

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