A Political Pimp Slap

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

At the beginning of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s recent testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, Congressional Democrats seemed like broke down actors in a B-movie!

They showed no energy, no heart and no courage to do what they came to the committee to do, they came to save American Democracy!

Republicans came to the meetings with talking points that they thought would disparage Mueller, they wanted to demean former British Agent Christopher Steele and they went old school and continued their verbal hate for Hillary Clinton.

Democrats, and their weak demeanor and soft questions, left the political wrestling match with head bumps and cauliflower ears!

The President of the United States likes to think he’s a political bully that can control Senate President Mitch McConnell, influence his nationalist and supremacist political base and con American corporations and business owners.

By appointing a hundred or more judges to lifetime seats on the bench, by giving wealth billionaires a huge tax break that robbed your retirement and health plans and by kowtowing up to the world’s biggest tyrants, dictators and despots, the President surely feels he has it going on.

Trump views The White House as a whore house and himself as a political pimp!

But in reality, he is more “Huggy Bear” than “Iceberg Slim”!

Americans that love America and want their democracy back can turn Trump terror around.

All they have to do is pimp slap the so-called political pimp!

Democrats need to stop pussyfooting around and punch the President in the mouth, figuratively, and attack every political thing he does with tempestuous political power!

Many of the political crimes and lies perpetrated by “The Lying King” and his administration were spelled out and listed in the House hearings but Democrats held their noses and claimed, “we need more interviews and investigations” to get to the political promised land.

I disagree. If the Democrats are constantly denied official documents, prohibited from questioning witnesses and afraid of initiating prolonged court battles with Trump judges there is only one thing they can do.

The United States House of Representatives must begin impeachment procedures ASAP!

Yeah, yeah, I know McConnell’s majority GOP Senate will likely oppose and kill any House impeachment effort but the Democrats have little or no choice.

The Presidents minions can lie, hide documents and block testimony in hearings or court trials but they cannot do those things in an impeachment inquiry without the risk of going to political prison, the so-called Big House!

Too many times, the Democrats that you love say they “oppose” but so far, they are only opposing the enemy in the way that the enemy wants them to.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to fight for right like Shirley Temple when the leader of the Democratic House should be throwing blows at the President like Claressa Shields!

Every bully wants to fight until they get punched in the kisser, uppercut and knocked the hell out!

The people need political punchers, not political punks! You have to go hard in the paint and in the Congress!

The Democrats in Washington, D.C. must start an impeachment inquiry. Congress and the must hit the President as hard or harder than the President hits them.

Representatives should stop worrying about a possible Senate impeachment reversal and do what the masses of Americans think is right regardless of whether the political opposition likes it or not!

If Democrats start impeachment proceedings, they can make it hard up there for a pimp!



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