Am I an angry Black man?

Am I an angry Black man?

By Bishop

     This is a question that picks away at the layers of our internal consciousness that one can choose to ignore or come to peace with one of life’s truths. As a Black man in America shouldn’t we be upset? Should I feel guilty for knowing the brutal history that we share and looking the other way because it is not popular to reflect on truth? As a Black man or African American in this country, I take pride to say that I remember the pictures of organized methods of transportation services (Also known as slave ships), lynch mobs and gang rapes of our wives and daughters, teeth of vicious dogs pulling through my flesh, water hose pressures so great that my clothes came off without my permission, Black leaders that came and went (killed) without any retribution or justice, and the false re-education of a generation who have forgotten. Damn right I am angry!

    In the next two weeks, the Romney campaign will portray President Oba-ma as an angry Black man. They have saturated the airways with prepared liemercials that will make him seem as though he can’t serve the masses because of internal battles that are connected with his conscious and his race. Well, many of us watched a debate in which our President seemed passive and almost lenient to the lies that were spewing out of the mouth of his opponent Romney. I am sure that his advisors guided him not to be confrontational because it would live up to the stigma that the Romney camp is trying to portray.

    Here’s one thing that is typically true about the angry Black man stigma: It only applies when you’re angry about things that white people don’t care about. If you get angry about mass incarceration of Black men, white people might tell you to shut up. But if you get angry about global warming, they applaud you. If you get angry about the piles of body bags holding Black children on the south side of Chicago, they want to fire you from your job. But if you get angry about gay marriage, they give you a job in the White House.

    President Obama, you have our permission to be angry. Let’s get angry at the ignorance of Donald Trump and his Republican cronies that forced you to be the only President that had to prove his citizenship. Sir, be angry at the caricature drawings that tried to demoralize the First Lady and your two beautiful Black daughters. Let’s get mad at the fact that you got rid of Bin Laden and what was once the greatest ambition of a nation went over as no “big deal”.

    President Obama’s license to be angry was given to him when over 50 million Americans selected him to be President of the United States. Allen West was given the chance to serve in Congress after being angry enough to become the darling of the Tea Party. The idea that President Obama would somehow offend the millions of Americans who are seeking a strong leader to get them out of a tough situation is absolute nonsense.

    Mr. President, get angry because if you don’t…you will be out of office and the birth Romneynomics, the step child of Reaganomics, will be the end of a Black nation that is fighting between the guilt of the recognition of our past and the truth of a present generation that doesn’t care about the past.  Get angry or they will get you out!


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