America’s Archenemy – Itself

John Johnson

All Presidents are mortal and not above the law; Trump is a former President; Consequently, Trump is not above the Law!

 (Part II)

 By John Johnson II

The question Americans must  ask is, “Why is the world’s reigning democracy and number one superpower  more vulnerable to domestic terrorists than foreign? Can the answer be that America’s inherent beliefs in a white supremacy ideology breeds  domestic terrorism? Intelligence gathered by the CIA has revealed that domestic terrorism  has become as dangerous as   an incurable cancer.

Regrettably, Trump has given energy and a platform to white supremacists. Consequently, their radicalized behavior has metastasized not only within millions of right-wing  voters, but also within the Republican Party itself. As a result, America’s archenemy is  members of the Republican Party, right-wing voters, and organized militia groups.

The U.S. Constitution looked to protect America from itself by codifying guard rails. It clearly delineates  that it’s the primary responsibility of the president  to protect the Nation against both foreign and domestic terrorists. And, Article II, Section 4, of the Constitution  allows for removal of an unfit president  from Office.

Despite these safeguards, the Founding Fathers lamented whether the House and Senate would keep the integrity to protect  America’s tenuous democracy. Failure of the  Senate to hold Trump accountable, fulfilled the Founding Fathers worse nightmare. A nightmare that a reigning president would  be-come America’s  leading  archenemy.

Never in history  has a president looked to overthrow his own government. Also never has  the FBI searched any for[1]mer president’s  home. However, Trump  is the first  former president to have had his home in  Mar-a-Lago searched.

Allegedly, the FBI confiscated highly confidential  documents from Trump’s home. If they’re proven to be such, not even a former president can  house  these documents in his private home. Once again, his supporters are crying foul; thus, implying Trump can do whatever  he chooses to do.

Let’s be candid, merely identifying  that America’s  Archenemy is itself,  is only  part of the solution. Knowing the strategies of  an archenemy are vitally important. This information helps the development of counter strategies as well as solutions.

I’m recommending the following  solutions for combating  America’s Archenemy:

1) protect   unalienable rights from infringement by white supremacy ideology, conservative partisanship, and Evangelical dogma;

2) pass legislation to show, eliminate, and criminalized systemic racism;

3) criminalize speech using any medium to  proliferate lies,  and alternative facts resulting in acts  of domestic terrorism;

4) use all mediums to debunk white supremacists’  lies that they’re victims targeted by the government;

5) establish codes of ethics for Supreme Court Justices as well as kinds of  punishments for violations;

6) amend the 15th Amendment such that no state can pass legislations making voting  arduous, and subject to dis-crimination ;

7) strengthen and pass legislation that allows for the removal of Congresspersons who willfully spread lies, alternative facts, and fraudulent conspiracies that AID AND ABET domestic terrorism;

8) indite, try, and seek a conviction for Trump, Congresspersons, and all others who as archenemies overtly  or covertly took part in the attempted coup to overthrow the government; and

9) Codify into law norms and traditions considered necessary to control presidential governance.

Readers, who choose to behave as activists, can  add their solutions to this list or create their own list and send it to their state and national Congresspersons. Together,  our voices can bring about  changes.    YOU BE THE JUDGE!



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