America’s racial injustice is sitting on a powder keg

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

America’s racial injustice is sitting on a powder keg

By Dr. P. L. Wright

The fact is, incidents of police serious abuse, as brutality committed on people of color must end. Those other honest law makers and police officers must begin to respect and enforce the civil rights of all citizens with equal justice as well. If this abuse does not stop, it is possible there will be a total anarchy and a breakdown of law enforcement of our criminal justice system operations everywhere in America. Citizens are tired of the unfair economic policies and unfair laws that are directed at people of color and others who are considered to be minorities and the poor.

Some police officers, law makers in congress and our city, county, state and other government operation functions are possibly responsible for this inevitable breakdown of the legal system in America.

It is a known fact today, that in the Black community where some Blacks do have jobs and are paying taxes, there is no accountability visible of their tax dollars in their communities. How is that possible? We must weed out the bad seeds and the bad elements in these key official positions as dishonest police officers, attorneys, Judges, and other city, county, state and government employees and employers too. The anger in the Black communities is justifiable in these cases of unequal and unfair opportunities, justice, and unfair housing rules, laws, and procedures.

However, it is also not justifiable for the victims of unequal justice and unfair opportunities to turn criminal to make a point by destroying property anywhere. It is unfortunate that many times destruction is thought to be a means to get attention to a problem when nobody will listen to you or anyone with any type of opinion. Let us join together and begin to fix these long-time problems that have infested all over America.

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