America’s Soulless Without A Heart

John Johnson

By John Johnson

President Biden continuously stands before the American people issuing solemn, yet hollow lamentations about saving the soul of our Nation. Despite 246 years of enslaving Black people, one hundred years of Jim Crow, and countless amendments to the U.S. Constitution, Black people continue to suffer discrimination and injustices.

As a devout Catholic, there’s no way Biden should profess to believe that the soul of America, without a Heart, can be saved if there’s no atonement or reparation. America’s government, even to this very day remain of, for, and by white people to maintain and protect white privileges.

If you refuse to swallow the truth, try munching on the facts that forty-five voter suppression bills have passed, Black History is trashed, Black farmers have to sue for relief, abortion pills face banning, and the Supreme Court is more unethical than a deck of casino cards. The Justices’ wives have added to their unethical characterization by peddling favors.

Dr. King revealed years ago how this very government under the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt came to the aid of white farmer; thus, the Department of Agriculture, better known as Farm Security Administration (FSA) was established. White farmers were given unabated financial support, land grants, and technological assistance to ensure that they survived and became profitable.

Black and minority farmers since the 1930’s have been ignored by the federal government. Their pleas for financial, technological, and debt relief assistance have long been ignored. Recently they had to sue the federal government because it allowed white farmers’ complaints to coerce significant changes to the American Rescue Plan of 2021 for Black farmers.

Recently, it was revealed in a Northwestern University analysis that Black people have suffered mortgage loans racial discrimination for nearly four decades. This form of discrimination deliberately limits Black people’s ability to build wealth through home ownership. It also enhances perpetual white segregated neighborhoods.

Given America’s egregious perpetual discriminations and injustices at the federal and

state governmental levels toward Black people and immigrants, it’s incredulous for Biden to keep reciting hollow lamentations. How can America’s soul be saved if there’s no heart. Where there should exist a heart, is only a cavity filled with racism, hatred, prejudice, discrimination, injustices, and an insatiable lust for power and privileges.

Let’s pause for a moment, SKybound Entertainment studios, producers of the famed TV series, “The Walking Dead,” has already given America an indication of its fate. The Walking Dead series is an attempt to show American’s fate comes at  the hands of  a zombie apocalypse.

The Republicans Party which now behaves as a cast of “Walking Living Lunatics,” poises a greater threaten to America’s democracy than a zombie apocalypse. Republicans’ behavior at President Biden’s recent State of the Union Address and their depraved theatrics at Republican Jim Jordan’s House Judiciary Hearing, provided clear examples that they’re living lunatics.

Senator Lee frantically wrangled his head, with eyes rolling around, resembled a flopping dying chicken. This was his reaction when his plan, which was previously captured on tape, was revealed to tear Social Security out by its roots.

Senator Green, also an attendee, sat perched in her seat, gnashing teeth for persecution, and yelling slurs as though she was a possess lunatic zombie requiring an exorcism. Having been assigned to the Homeland Security   Committee, she hauntingly pressed forward a ridiculous allegation that a single elementary school received $5.1 billion for the Critical Race Theory curriculum.

Remember, these Republican Congresspersons are not on a medical leave from Washington DC’s Saint Elizabeths Hospital’s Psychiatric Ward. Every day they demonstrate on TV their multiple levels of insanity. Is it not a clear testament of systemic racism that Evangelicals and white conservatives don’t object to their children learning that their white Republican Congresspersons are living lunatics.

It’s unimaginable to think that white parents’ major concerns are to protect their children from being exposed to Critical Race Theory or African American Studies, rather than apologizing to them for having voted for Republican “Walking Living Lunatics.”

The behaviors of Senators Green  and Lee, plus former president Trump should make white children not only cry but question the sanity of their parents who voted for them.



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