America’s Stench of Systemic Racism Remains Immoral

John Johnson II

 By John Johnson II

      Yes! America never fails to live up to its creed of inhumane treatment of Black and Brown people including immigrants. Admittedly, we haven’t hesitated to give the countries of origin of these refugees billions of dollars to keep them from our shores. Yet knowing that these provincial governments will as usually squander the money by way of internal theft and a plethora of crooked schemes.

However, the recent TV broadcast of Haitian refugees chased and corralled, as though they were animals, by Border Patrol Officers on horses’ backs was horrific. In fact, it was even worse than that done to refugees caged during Trump’s presidency. Did these events not visibly unveil the stench of racism?

It’s sickening to even compare the levels of inhumane treatment America continues to commit against people of color. But a review of America’s history through an examination of the Critical Race Theory, which is frightening to white people, is necessary if this Nation is serious about stamping out racism.

The Bible, Genesis 1: 27, states that God created man in his own image. However, it was man who exercised his will and chose to create and nurture racism. Are white racists capable of exercising a more righteous will towards all of God’s children?

Sadly, a more righteous will by white supremacists continues to be nonexistent. Now white people are being disingenuous. They’re raising an allegation that their children will learn to hate themselves and their ancestors if they’re taught history as it unfolded? Is the stench of systemic racism now harmful to the heirs of white supremacists?

What they really fear is that their children knowing the truth about their ancestors will make it more difficult to nurture them with racism and their white supremacy ideology.

John Wayne, as an actor, became a Hollywood mega star killing Indians and rescuing white women kidnapped by Indians. They continue to make movies about King Kong, a gigantic Black ape, which falls madly in love with a blond pale white woman. Amazingly, they depict King Kong bypassing all the Black women he’s protected in the jungle from harm. Hollywood intentionally scripted these plots with racism. Can you not figuratively see the stench of racism?

The Emmett Till story along with To Kill a Mockingbird and countless other books should be read by students, discussed, and debated in every classroom in America. Emmett Till, a 14-year-old Black boy visiting the South from Chicago, was brutally tortured and killed in 1955. A white woman, Carolyn Bryant Donham, alleged he whistled and flirted with her. Without remorse and facing no punishment, this white woman simply recanted her original story six decades later.

Tell President Biden that the survivors of the Tulsa massacre and their ancestors didn’t need nor deserve another eulogy. They need and deserve the same financial assistance that America lavishes upon every hard-pressed ethnic group but Black and Brown people. Does not the stench of racism from President Biden’s Administration again oozes as an infected sore does pus?

It would be a noble act of atonement to fund rebuilding Tulsa’s Black Wall Street. Further, it would be even more fitting to fund building a Black Wall Street in every city in America. History reveals that the Marshall Plan enacted in 1948, after World War II, provided more than $15 billion to help rebuild Western Europe, which today is equivalent to $114 billion.

Do the math, our government spent two trillion, not to mention the lives lost, to democratize Afghanistan. Additionally, the government has appropriated another 6.3 billion to cover their reparation. And foreign aid has already reached 161.2 billion during COVID-19.

Amazingly, no amount of money is ever too much to provide financial aid to non-Black people! By-th

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