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Analogies so often escape the politics of realities

Derek Joy

Analogies so often escape the politics of realities

By Derek Joy

     The dust has settled and the smoke has cleared on the year 2012. And so, the year 2013 is our here and now.

     Consequently, with each new beginning comes a reflection on the old, along with resolutions for the new. Just happens that way.

     Funny how the small-minded among us, those who choose to engage in meaningless gossip, ignore the significant things in society where their input can make a difference.

     Instead, they prefer, for one misguided reason or another, to launch attack after attack on those who attempt to make an impact on righting social or criminal injustices and relieving the suffering of some in our world.

    Now, the evildoers know who they are. You might even want to consider an analogy between them and the key players in the downright scandalous game of Chicken in the nation’s Capitol while the American economy is being pushed to the edge of the “Fiscal Cliff.”

    The scoundrels out here seem bent, in perpetuity, on perpetrating scandalous lies and scurrilously evil deeds. It is a fitting analogy to what is going on in Congress.

    Look at ‘em in Congress, on the verge of convening the 113th Congress, where Republicans hold the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and Democrats form the majority in the U.S. Senate.

    And they find ways to flip the script to blame President Barack Obama, the second term Democrat, for the push over the “Fiscal Cliff.” Interesting how the actions in Congress form an eerily similar set of circumstances that permeate settings formed by the social gossipmongers.

    Yeah, they languish in their own failures and misdeeds are akin to the political parallel exhibited by those in Washington, D.C., the likes of greed, selfishness and little or no concern for the masses.

    That is what gives in the reflections on last year’s accomplishments and failures amid political victories and defeats at the polls, messages as clear as the nose on your face.

    Yet, they persist in a foul approach to raising taxes on the wealthy without cutting spending where the wealthiest will benefit, while those lower on the economic ladder find even greater bur-dens.

    For sure, it makes one wonder why do career politicians ignore the masses in favor of the wealthy. Each has only one vote. But the wealthy has financial control over a multitude of those individual votes.

    It is as the gossipmongers and the ills of their evils are controlled by an inability to confront reality. What follows is the evildoing aimed at others they want to see suffering like them.

    There are the reflections. Here is the new. Something that the evildoers and their wicked ways thrive on, like the self-centered, power grabbing, arrogant politicians in Congress can resolve to do.

     Instead of gossip mongering in scandalously scurrilous conduct, try jumping on members of the 113th Congress to act in the best interest of all the citizens, not just the wealthy few.  Make that kind of noise for the good of many.

     And Congress can quit procrastinating in pursuit of enjoyment attained from the thrill of the chase.


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