Another Wake Up call for native Black Americans

Kevin Palmer

By Kevin Palmer

A May 3, 2018 Intelligencer article titled, America Will Only Remain ‘Majority White’ If Blacks Remain an Underclass, is another wake up call for African Americans. The article states, in order to increase their numbers Whites developed a more inclusive definition “for whiteness.”  “This meant if Latinos and Asians “become White,” European Americans’ claim to racial dominance is secured. Whites feared their dominant position in the American racial hierarchy would end if African Americans, Asians, Latinos, and Arabs embraced a unifying “nonwhite” identity.”  Expectedly, this expanded definition for whiteness assured African-American isolation in the smaller subordinate racial category.

In his book titled, A Black History Reader, Dr. Claud Anderson summarized the racial situation in America. He wrote, “The founding fathers purposely constructed the societal position of Blacks and Whites. Blacks were to be property that served Whites. The Constitution assured the mal-distribution of nearly 100 percent of the nation’s wealth and resources into the hands of Whites, who subsequently bequeathed their unearned wealth, power, rights, privileges and resources into the hands of succeeding generations.  Contrarily, the descendants of slaves were left impoverished.”

Continuing, “It is fundamental to the founding of America that Blacks would always be pressed to the bottom and that Whites would always retain the superiority over Blacks. That relationship endures today. A few Blacks have become visible as public officials, athletes, entertainers and media personalities, but there is little connection between their elevated public images and the low socioeconomic status of the Black masses.”

Show me an African American who says race no longer matters, and I’ll show you a delusional house Negro.


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