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Are Black Floridians really sick of Governor Rick Scott?

Governor Rick Scott

Governor Rick Scott

Are Black Floridians really sick of Governor Rick Scott?

By Roger Caldwell

In 2014, it is very difficult to label people by the color of their skin. There are people who are darker then blue, but they identify themselves from the country they were born in. In Florida with the diverse cultures and languages, many of the folks do not want to be called Black.

Many Black Americans now want to be called African Americans, and they believe that they are superior to other Blacks from other countries. Some African Americans, who are almost white, only want to be called Black, and get upset if you identify them with another race or culture.

But, Black Floridians and Hispanic Floridians can change the course of history in the 2014 election. Every day the Democrats send out literature stating that they are sick of Governor Scott, but they refuse to sit down and make the leadership diverse and inclusive. Democrats have millions of dollars at their disposal, but they only spend a small portion of their advertising dollars with the Black media.

When we talk about the Black media, we are talking about Black owned newspapers, Black owned radio stations, Black Public Relations firms, Black advertising companies, Black Social media companies, and other Black media outlets. In order for the Florida Democrats to win the governorship in 2014, it will be necessary for the leaders to share the wealth.

Black church leaders, all the Black civic organizations, Black political organizations, Black politicians, and Black Business organizations in Florida say that Governor Scott must be defeated in 2014. But in June of 2014, none of these organizations have developed a platform and strategy to bring this plan to fruition. There appears to be no communication or collaboration between these groups and the election is five months away.

Maybe, the Florida Black community is paralyzed or complacent and they don’t care who wins. But, Black folks in Florida cannot stand Governor Scott, because he acts as if we don’t exist in Florida. He has never made an effort to go to a major Black church in Florida, and discuss Black problems in the state. He is trying to relate to the Hispanic culture, and this year he passed a law for the immigrants. His Lieutenant Governor is Hispanic, and he hopes he gets his share of votes from that community.

But the Black community is not on his radar, and we must get motivated and mobilized if we plan to get rid of Governor Scott. There should be meetings in all 67 counties, with the leaders and churches in the Black community educating and informing Black registered voters, the importance of voting in the primary. We must identify the Black candidates such as Perry Thurston running for State’s Attorney, and we must make sure they win.

We must also build a coalition with all the Black political organization, and work together to identify Black and progressive candidates that are concerned about our interest. Finally, we must also build coalitions with Latino political organizations and progressive political organizations throughout the state. If Blacks are truly sick of Governor Scott, we will become proactive, and change Florida politics in 2014, because we cared and made a difference.

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