Are Republicans trying to start an international war?

Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

Are Republicans trying to start an international war?

By Roger Caldwell

Sometimes the leaders in the national Re-publican Party make no sense, because they are fragmented and no one knows who the leader is. If you look on television, you would think Fox News talking heads are the scholars and professors in the country, and we should follow them. Basically, everyone is giving their opinion, and they want problems fixed immediately with no work, and the snap of their finger.

In the past few days, Republicans are blaming President Obama for everything that is wrong in the world. Even though this sounds ludicrous, the Republicans want the President to condemn countries with no evidence or facts. It appears they want to pick fights, and prove that America is the strongest country in the world.

The Republicans are taking aim at the President’s policy and they want America to punish Russia. Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., has branded President Obama as “the most naïve president in history.” A CNN poll says four out of 10 Americans approve of the President’s handling of foreign policy.

Last week, Sean Hannity called the President weak and unable to lead the country with authority and strength. Many Republicans want Americans to think that the only option on the table is to use military power with no strategy. They want to lead us down a road where our young soldiers are murdered, injured, and at war.

The Republican and Conservative hawks have come out to play and they are looking for a country to make war on. With the world at war in so many places, it will take a calm mind with peaceful thinking to stay out of war. America should no longer be the police around the world and solve other countries’ battles and skirmishes. We must focus on own problems and clean up our own mess.

“Republicans and the media are making the situation worse with their endless posturing and calls saber rattling. Tough talk is a poor substitute for having a policy that works. Republicans are all about appearances, but in this case, actions matter more than words,” says Rachel Maddow, news anchor on MSNBC.

The republicans and the conservatives are blowing hot air and again it is only their opinion. The world is a dangerous place, and for the last 6 years, our president has kept the country out of harm’s way. There have been hiccups and a diplomat has been killed, but America has been safe.

There is always an option on the table for military intervention, but President Obama has used it as a last option. All around the world the President finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place, and there are no easy answers.

In the Far East, America has agreed to protect Japan if China decides to attack that country. If Kim Jong-Un starts a war with South Korea, we are committed by treaty to fight a second Korean War. We are also committed by treaty to defend the Philippines, if China is aggressive and starts a war.

In Syria, America was forced to take a stand, because the President was using poison gas on its people. As a result Syria was forced to hand over its chemical warheads. In every international crisis President Obama was strong and decisive.

Much of the republican and conservative chatter on starting a war is insane, and our President should hit the delete button. President Obama is using sanctions to pressure countries to do the right thing. In Russia, it is a two-edged sword, because many of the European countries depend on Russian oil.

The world is a dangerous place and there are no quick fixes. Americans are tired of burying their sons and daughters, and it is time in 2014 to start talking about peace and treaties.



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