Are there answers to reconnect the divide between the police and the Black communities?

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Are there answers to reconnect the divide between the police and the Black communities?

Written by Dr. Phillip L. Wright Ph.D.

     There is a serious race devide in education, jobs, housing and other social opportunities for African Americans. Whenever there are less well trained or educated minorities, it creates disparities in those who are less fortunate by not having the opportunities to improve and empower themselves. This is one reason for crime and murder in many African American communities.

It will take some time and efforts to begin to solve these type of problems. First, we must recognize and admit there are double standards between Blacks, whites and Hispanics that need serious dialog between their leaders and the communities. Blacks, whites, Hispanics and others included need to work together. A problem cannot be solved without the participation of those who are the less fortunate or poor and due to institutionalized racism perpetuating the problems.

Those who are victimized have lost their hope of any accomplishments to improve their lives for the better. We all see what the problems are, but we all must admit and agree openly about what problems we have that are effecting all of us. We must make the effort to begin creating solutions to solve the problems that are dividing our communities and the police.

These problems are perpetuating more crime and murders. The Law Enforcement community should, and must have an ongoing psychological evaluation of each Police Officer at least twice annually. However, police officers should have individual cameras in each car and on their person as standard equipment. Police officers should have training updating their policies and procedures with testing frequently during the year.

There needs to be a separate outside district Attorney to be in charge of the Grand Jury process whenever an unarmed citizen is killed by the Police. This would give more trust for the community in the decision making process of the Grand Jury. It may not contaminate the Grand Jury, or be shown as a conflict of interest between them, as to gain favor for the police Officer story in the case

We are a nation of laws and we must maintain our integrity and honesty when administering our laws with jurisprudence.




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