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Are we experiencing domestic crimes again our American government?

Dr. Phillip Leno Wright, Sr.

Are we experiencing domestic crimes again our American government?

By Dr. Phillip Leno Wright Sr.

      In the United States of America much has happened since the 2008 Presidential and other government elections. There is an outside party called the Tea Party which is a movement, and quite a few of them were elected to the U. S. Congress who are on the far right, and obviously quite radical in their views. Now we are experiencing somewhat of a threat to the choice of the people.

     President Barack Obama has accomplished passing many of the peoples’ issues but the congress is still having difficulty making decisions due to the partisan position taken by the Republican Party that has a number of Tea Party members in office. The Republicans are now threatening to shut down the government if they can’t have their way with some of the issues before the congress. However, the United States citizens are supporting the President of the United States and the decisions he is making. Tell me now, are the Republicans committing a crime?

     Any domestic or foreign entities and especially those who hold American political seats in the government, and who make serious threats against the peoples’ choices who are currently supporting no cuts in social security and medicare issues at hand before the congress, should be thoroughly examined to determine if there are acts of treason or other crimes against the United States being committed. However if so, those accused and maybe found guilty could possibly be charged with committing a serious and threatening act against the United States Government and its’ citizens.

     Americans have a legal right to voice their opinions about what congress is doing since they are supporting the Presidents’ actions on their issues and how the choices made on some of the issues could affect them negatively. Tell me what do you think?


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