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Holiday Party Etiquette 101 for 2018

The Holiday season is officially here, and the party invites have already starting pouring in. Last year, “On the Scene” veteran, Crystal Chanel, gave some great party-going tips, and because they are still completely relevant, I’m going to borrow /reiterate her rules.


Unless you are sick, working, or have another commitment at exactly the same time, accept. Party invitations should be received with a fair amount of flattery. Typically, any holiday party invites are exclusive, so be mindful of taking invites for granted. If you must, respect-fully decline as soon as possible.


Organizing a party takes work, ie time, effort, and money. Guests, who go above and beyond to show their appreciation, always stand out. There are 2 major ways to get this gesture right: Bring something that will benefit the entire party (prepare a popular dish or offer to mix your signature drink…think “crowd pleaser”) OR bring a personal and meaningful gift for the party host (a bottle of wine, flowers, even a book). Personally, I prefer the latter. Keeping in mind Rule No. 1, the invitation came from the host. Showing appreciation leaves a lasting impression.


Your attire should reflect the type of party you’re attending and contribute to its ambiance. Tight and overly revealing garments are typically considered inappropriate. Likewise, dressing too far down can almost come across as insulting. Consider things like time of day and venue. Ultimately, you want to aim for something that says: “Happy Holidays!” Festive colors like red, gold, and silver are always good. Fabrics like satin and sequin are appropriate. When in doubt, ask the host. The right attire invokes  the holiday spirit, serves as party décor, and makes for amazing pictures!


As much as I enjoy a good holiday party, I am mindful that with season greetings can come  seasonal stress. Accordingly, and as they should, people see parties and gatherings as a chance to escape and unwind, and there are usually plenty of adult beverages to help with that. However, there is a fine line between a good buzz and excessive booze, and nothing could ruin a great party experience like someone who has crossed that line. Avoid irresponsible drinking. You don’t want to be that person who said or did something that would be regrettable once the party has passed.


We all know, you truly never know when a single conversation could open a world of opportunities for you. However, in any social environment, beyond light and easy introductions to people you may not know, avoid presenting your full elevator pitches, business plan or brand bio. Yes, be yourself and keep any future opportunities in mind, but don’t add a work feel to a casual and fun environment. It’s the holidays and #TisTheSeason.

Oh, and as a 2018 bonus, consider the role of technology. Check your email, social media, and text messages for party invites. Communication via technology is only increasing. It’s faster and more cost efficient than regular mail, so don’t miss out because you didn’t check an inbox.

For anything other than a selfie, ask your host for permission to post to social media, especially if the party is at their home or if there are children at the party.

And last, once you arrive at the party, put your phone away.

Sure, take a few selfies, do a couple of fun Snapchat posts, but don’t forget to be present at the party! This is the most wonderful time of the year!

I’d like to wrap this up by inviting you to attend Crystal Chanel’s Wine Tasting and Holiday Soul Concert on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at Gigi’s Music Café located at 4385 NW 88th Ave., Sunrise, Fla., 33351. There will be live music featuring singer Moonchild and friends, bottle specials, give-aways and door prizes. We hope to see you there.

Happy Holidays!

Audrey Aaron, Marketing Executive

Press Release Marketing, LLC

Writer – Editor – Business Development

@PressReleaseLLC on Instagram



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