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‘Why the resistance to police body cams & dash cams’?

Again, Miramar’s “Management” team resists the request by its residents to install police dashcams and equip our officers with body cams. ...

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Black History Month a Sham

Black History Month a Sham ...

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Religion and the Struggle for Racial Justice: Black History Month

In the era of slavery, some voices used the Bible to justify the capture and sale of human beings, arguing that “God set different Orders and Degrees of Men in the World … some to be High and Honorable, … some to be born Slave, and so to remain during their lives.” ...

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Fair Play Charter’ Aimed at Rooting Out Bias in the Ad Industry

— “Fair Play Charter” seeks to address perceived bias against Black and Hispanic media owners in the advertising industry. ...

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The First African American Pilot for Eastern Airlines

The First African American Pilot for Eastern Airlines ...

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The horrific shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, in northern Broward County on Wednesday afternoon, hit much too close to home for me. I had children who graduated from Douglas, and I helped raise the money for the school's football stadium. ...

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African American Transportation History: Mary ‘Stagecoach’ Fields

Mary Fields (c.1832-1914) made transportation history as the first African American woman to deliver the U.S. mail. Fields was born a slave in Tennessee, and she achieved her freedom in 1865 when slavery was abolished in the United States ...

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Philanthropist and Florida Lottery Winner Honored by Broward County Commission

Coral Springs resident and Florida lottery winner Miguel Pilgram garnered quite a bit of media attention this week when he was recognized by the Broward County Commission for his philanthropy and ongoing efforts to improve local neighborhoods. ...

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Black Excellence

Black Excellence ...

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