Back to School with a Healthy Smile!

The Dentist Duo encourages parents to schedule a dental visit before school starts

     MIAMI, FL – In the month of August, a new school year gets underway for thousands of students in South Florida. While the summer offers more time to take care of your oral health, the mad rush of the start of the school year can make anyone lose track of their kid’s oral care routine. “At Sabal Palm Dental, we want to make sure everyone maintains a healthy and bright smile throughout the school year,” said Dr. Kyle Phanord. “A dental visit before school starts is key to fighting diseases such as cavities; prevention and early detection helps to avoid pain and school absences,” added Dr. Kevin Phanord.

At Sabal Palm Dental, we want to share a few tips to help you keep your little ones smiling, bright and healthy.
Back-to-school checkup. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends making a dental checkup part of the back-to-school routine.
•  Healthy snacks and lunches. Healthy snacks and lunches are just as beneficial as routine dental appointments and proper brushing and flossing. What your kids eat contribute to their oral health. When packing lunch for your little ones, be sure to select tooth-friendly options such as cheese, yogurt, veggies, fruits and nuts.

  • Brushing and Flossing. Proper at-home hygiene, like brushing and flossing regularly, helps maintain healthy teeth and gums. We recommend setting up a schedule or calendar to remind your kids when to brush.
  • Replace your kids’ Toothbrush every 3-4 months. Frayed bristles on a worn toothbrush are less effective at cleaning teeth and can harbor bacteria. Be sure to include a new toothbrush for your kids at the top of your back-to-school shopping list.

Send your kids back to school with a healthy smile. Book their dental checkup and cleaning at Sabal Palm Dental, P.A. TODAY! To make an appointment, call (305) 685-7863. For more information on Sabal Palm Dental Associates, P.A., visit

Sabal Palm Dental Associates, P.A. is led by Dr. Roger Phanord and his twin sons, Kevin and Kyle Phanord. The goal of the practice is to provide the community with the best possible dental care in a friendly, affordable, comfortable, professional and luxe atmosphere. Services offered by Sabal Palm Dental Associates, P.A. include diagnostic & preventive services, periodontics services, prosthodontics services, cosmetic procedure services, restorative dentistry services, oral surgery services, oral maxillofacial surgery services, endodontics services, pediatric dentistry services, and emergency care services. Sabal Palm Dental Associates, P.A. is a sister company of Phanord & Associates, P.A. It is dedicated to serving patients in a caring, clean and luxe environment that allows them to feel safe and secure while receiving the best dental care. All services are provided using new technology including 3-D X-Rays, digital scans, and 3-D printers! Policies are in place to ensure that patients are safe in every case. In the age of COVID-19, equipment is sanitized before, during and after each visit. To make an appointment, call (305) 685-7863. For more information on Sabal Palm Dental Associates, P.A., visit


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