Ben Crump Gives State Attorney Until July 4th to Charge Police Involved in Delucca Rolle Case

By Vincent Jones, Jr.
Delucca Rolle has been the topic of discussion in the newest case of police brutality in the country. With the original events taking place on April 18th, the two officers in question Sgt. Greg LaCerra and Deputy Christopher Krickovich have yet to be charged with any crimes of violence. In the brutal video, Rolle’s head is pushed into the ground breaking his nose and shortly after, is pepper sprayed then sent to a juvenile detention center after not  committing any particular type of crime. Since the disturbing video surfaced social media, civil rights attorney Ben Crump and Sue-Ann Robinson have not ceased to seek justice for Delucca and his family.
“It is about the constitutional rights of our children” Crump stated. “It has been over two months with a video on the State Attorney’s desk and they still say they do not have the evidence to charge the officers with assault on this child; it is easy to see that they have violated the rights of this child.”
He continued, “Think about what they do to the people in our community everyday, they charge them with far less evidence then what was presented in this case. It is important for our children to see that their lives matter and if the state attorney has brought charges by the fourth of July , we will have everyone in this community start to protest this office for people who got charged with crimes with far less evidence”.
Executive Chief Assistant of the Public Defender’s office Gordon Weeks also commented on the severity of the situation.
“ We all recognize their is very clear evidence and their is injury, time and time again folks are prosecuted without any evidence except for the word of a police officer. We have to ask ourselves, are we willing to demand the same fair play that they give law enforcement and others. We cannot create two forms of justice in this country; everyone must be looked at with strict scrutiny.”
State Senator for District 33 Perry E. Thurston Jr. gave his insight on the need for change throughout the country.
“ There was no necessity for the violence in that video, actually it was quite appalling. As we look across the nation, there has been historical delay when it comes to bringing police to justice. Delay that the community will not require justice will be done and that is not happening. Our community is not going anywhere and we simply ask that justice will be served”.
Delucca’s mother Clintina Rolle adds that her son has rarely spoke about the actions that happened to him on that day and continues to try to “suppress the feelings” associated with the incident. Delucca is currently going under physical and mental treatment to help cope with the devastating occurrences of his assault.

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