Congressional Black Caucus Focuses on Economic Recovery of African Americans in COVID-19 Crisis

     The first draft of the COVID-19 Senate stimulus bill focused money to bailout large corporations and the top one percent. But after days of negotiation that included President Trump big footing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the legislation was changed to focus more on the needs of main street Americans. […]

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Rev. Joseph Lowery, ‘Dean’ Of The Civil Rights Movement, Dies At 98

http://bisnisbajumu.com/tag/mukena-rayon-solo/feed http://bisnisbajumu.com/tag/mukena-rayon-solo/feed      The Reverend Joseph Lowery, co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, died Friday, according to a statement by the Joseph & Evelyn Lowery Institute for Justice and Human Rights. He was 98-years old. […]

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House Passes $2 Trillion Stimulus Package Deal

Earlier, several civil rights organizations noted watching with vigilance as Senate negotiations and, later, voting in both chambers took place. “We know that when the economy goes into decline, people of color always bear the brunt,” said Teresa Candori, communications director for the National Urban League. “We will be fighting to make sure the most vulnerable communities are not an afterthought.” […]


St. Louis American Publisher Praises Establishment of NNPA Task Force and Resource Center

Xanax Online Ireland Xanax Online Ireland      “There’s a lot of rumors and I knew that we had a special role to play,” argued Dr. Suggs. “That’s why the NNPA Task Force is so important. We have to have special, validated information. Our community has a disproportionate amount of exposure to disease and the NNPA collectively is in position to make certain that they are aware of the kind of information that’s out there and relevant to the Black community.” […]

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Biden-Abrams Ticket Beats Trump-Pence

http://audiodescription.co.uk/members/conferences/ http://audiodescription.co.uk/members/conferences/      “A Biden–Abrams ticket would beat a Trump-Pence ticket and perform competitively with other hypothetical tickets, while also overperforming with key groups that constitute the Democratic Party’s base,” Data for Progress founder Sean McElwee wrote in an online memo. […]

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CORONAVIRUS: 2020’s biggest threat so far

Buy 3Mg Xanax Online Buy 3Mg Xanax Online      As we transition into Spring Break, many were filled with preconceived plans to enjoy the week-long vacation on the beach or travel via plane. However, those plans were dashed from under their feet at the first sign of the pervasive Coronavirus which has swept the World by storm. Now, as it becomes a more prominent issue across the globe, people have been forced to recluse themselves into their homes, so as to not risk infection. […]

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Black Press of America Celebrates 193 Years of Freedom-Fighting Journalism

     “As we deal with some of the most challenging times in modern history, it is important that we understand the significance of the Black Press in reporting on and recording our history,” said National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) Chair, and publisher of the Houston Forward Times, Karen Carter Richards. The NNPA is the national trade association representing America’s Black Press. […]

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