Bernie, Biden and Trump

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

      The Bernie Sanders effort to get the Democratic Party Presidential nomination for the 2020 election has been defeated, disavowed and dumbfounded but the news reporters that you love are insisting that Joe Biden should move to the radical left to please the “Bernie Bros”.

That’s crazy!

Bernie Sanders said he would support the candidate that won the Democratic primary race.

Come on, when have Black people in the United States benefited or progressed because the tenants of the Constitution were true, the aspects of voting rights and civil rights legislation were real or claims, opinions and false promises of the elected officials you love could be trusted?

I can understand why young whites were enamored with free college, eliminating student debt and so on but Blacks that contributed to Sanders and voted for Sanders should see things differently.

Let me tell you, Black people catch more hell in America than any other racial or ethnic group in the United States.

Right now, a higher percentage of Black people are dying from COVID 19 because health care in urban and other Black communities is desperately lacking. They wait tables, cashier, deliver packages, drive Uber and Lyft, collect garbage, clean hospitals and clean airports are just a few things Black people do that puts them in contact with large numbers of people that may have the virus.

African Americans live in more polluted areas, more radiated areas, near more landfills, fracking operations and power stations and reside in cities with the worst water qualities.

And you let the media devils tell you that Sanders lost because of his policies and platforms.

Sanders lost because he couldn’t bamboozle the strongest base in the Democratic Party, Black voters that soundly rejected his political ideas. The best you can get out of politics is a deal where everybody gets something but no one gets everything.

Replacing the Affordable Care Act (haters call it Obamacare) with an unknown, untried, unfinanced, untested “Medicare for All” wouldn’t happen in D.C. and it would never make it out of Congress because too many Americans are happy with their current care.

Instead of asking if Joe Biden should embrace the Bernie Sanders ideas, perhaps Sanders supporters should be asked if they will do what they can to help Trump. No votes for Biden would essentially be yes votes for Trump.

If I consulted Biden, I would tell him to consider endorsing one of Sanders proposals, just ONE, one that he can get Congressional votes for! That move would show more support than Sanders has shown the Democratic victor.

The world need Trump gone! Bernie Sanders and his supporters can help make Trump disappear, or, perhaps go to jail. Or, they can help him win like they did in 2016.

You know, to me, it’s not about Biden or Sanders, it’s about the political money. Trump and Bloomberg both spent more primary campaign dollars with Black media and other political vendors than Biden and Sanders combined.

Presidential candidates spend money with people and companies they prefer. Candidates give purchasing authority to people they trust and candidates give hiring power to people they admire and believe in.

The Negroes that candidates like are not the Black people that African American voters like. Believe that.

Finally, why are the Sanders supporters with melanin in such an uproar about Bernie’s bust of a campaign when they were silent when good Black, Hispanic and female candidates dropped out of the race?

How long will people believe political “white” ice is colder than “Black” ice?

We all have a role in political progress and in equal rights and justice. All of us who can contribute in politics should be considered and allowed to contribute to the political process.


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